02-17-2015 Journal – Lady, The Tramp, Alvin & Me!   Leave a comment


There’ll be no photographs today through no fault of my own.  It was one of those days that I had a myriad of totally blah things to do.  At the same time all of those chores were immediately placed on the back burner with the arrival of the grandson who was spending the day with us.

I was up early and on my way to a local auto repair shop for my annual car inspection. I knew there was going to be some added costs to this inspection when I couldn’t get my car started a few days ago.  I made it to the shop, had the inspection completed, installed a new battery, and was on my way home by 9 am, no harm, no foul!

I arrived back home just after the grandson was dropped off by his mother and things got interesting very quickly.  Let me just say this.  If I ever see the Lady and the Tramp video again I’ll scream out loud.  We also watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and of course Shrek one more blessed time.  That’s four hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Needless to say our young man is beginning to talk a lot. Unfortunately only he really knows what he’s saying.  As we sat and watched Shrek he talked nonstop for ten minutes as he told me something about the movie but I have no clue what it was. He rambled on and on and was laughing and giggling.  I just nodded and smiled when I thought it was necessary and he was thrilled. Maybe someday soon when he’s a little older he’ll explain to me what the hell was so damn funny.  It had something to do with the donkey but that’s about all I really know. He thought it was hysterical. 

Later I invited him into the kitchen to keep me company while I made us breakfast.  He loved the scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast and couldn’t wait to tell his mother I’d cooked for him.  I was happy to get him into the kitchen at such a young age because it’ll make it so much easier to teach him how to cook on down the road.  Once I tell him that most women love a man who can cook for them he’ll be hooked just like I was.

He just left with his mom, had an armload of movies, and a few stories to tell his dad later tonight. He’s just so much fun to spend time with but now it’s time for a serious nap because he wears me out.

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