02-25-2015 Journal–Sunny & OMFG Cold!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe it but I’ve succeeded in sleeping in until 9am this morning.  I suppose  the late night pickup at the Portland Jetport is primarily responsible. My better-half’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 10pm but air travel being what it is she arrived on a different airline and at 1140pm.  Airline travel sucks on a good day but then you add in Maine and winter weather it becomes ridiculous. I won’t get into a major rant on airline companies today because anyone who flies anywhere that isn’t first class or non-stop is well aware how they make you suffer. Maybe they’re doing it intentionally to force as many people as possible to pay the extra money to avoid flying coach with multiple connectors.


Maybe I should thank my better-half for bringing back a little sunshine from her journey.  For the first time in a long while I was awakened by bright sunshine blasting through the layer of ice hanging from the house and into my bedroom.  It’s a brilliant sunny day and the temperature has yet to reach 20 degrees.  These photographs were taken from inside the house because it’s almost impossible to walk anywhere in this deep snow.


As you can see it’s impossible to enjoy the scenery without ice and snow being the main focus.  The cold weather is expected to last well into March which means this ice will be hanging around (no pun intended) for at least another month.


The birds are finally making an appearance in fairly large numbers.  They’re roosting in nearby trees and soaking up as much of the sunshine as they possibly can.  It’s tough being a bird in any northern state at this time of the year.


The squirrels aren’t going to be too happy either when they’re finally able to stick their heads out of their nests.  Mother Nature has badly damaged their feeder which will be my first Spring project.


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