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02-25-2015 Journal–Sunny & OMFG Cold!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe it but I’ve succeeded in sleeping in until 9am this morning.  I suppose  the late night pickup at the Portland Jetport is primarily responsible. My better-half’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 10pm but air travel being what it is she arrived on a different airline and at 1140pm.  Airline travel sucks on a good day but then you add in Maine and winter weather it becomes ridiculous. I won’t get into a major rant on airline companies today because anyone who flies anywhere that isn’t first class or non-stop is well aware how they make you suffer. Maybe they’re doing it intentionally to force as many people as possible to pay the extra money to avoid flying coach with multiple connectors.


Maybe I should thank my better-half for bringing back a little sunshine from her journey.  For the first time in a long while I was awakened by bright sunshine blasting through the layer of ice hanging from the house and into my bedroom.  It’s a brilliant sunny day and the temperature has yet to reach 20 degrees.  These photographs were taken from inside the house because it’s almost impossible to walk anywhere in this deep snow.


As you can see it’s impossible to enjoy the scenery without ice and snow being the main focus.  The cold weather is expected to last well into March which means this ice will be hanging around (no pun intended) for at least another month.


The birds are finally making an appearance in fairly large numbers.  They’re roosting in nearby trees and soaking up as much of the sunshine as they possibly can.  It’s tough being a bird in any northern state at this time of the year.


The squirrels aren’t going to be too happy either when they’re finally able to stick their heads out of their nests.  Mother Nature has badly damaged their feeder which will be my first Spring project.


02-07-2015 Journal–Happy B-Day Ron!   Leave a comment


Before I start my post for today I thought I’d celebrate for just a moment the 104th birthday of one of my favorite people, Ronald Wilson Reagan, our fortieth president.  Things have certainly gone downhill since he left the presidency and he is sorely missed.  Happy Birthday Mr. President!

* * *

My convalescence continues today after my colonoscopy. I was told to take it easy for a few days and I tend to listen closely to doctors who tell me to do things I enjoy doing. So a lazy day for catching up on emails, writing a little, and loafing a lot.  We’ve been given a one day reprieve by the weather gods with no snow anticipated.  Starting tomorrow we’re being warned of another damn snowstorm preparing to drop a foot or more of snow on us.  We already have so much snow we’re running out of places to put it.  These pictures were taken in the city of Biddeford, Maine yesterday and as you can see another foot of snow will make walking around town a real chore.




Our family group braved the cold weather last night and thoroughly enjoyed a meal at Famous Dave’s.  There were ribs, brisket, and sauces all around.  I’d been jonesing for catfish for the last two weeks and it was well worth the wait.  The grandson munched on his favorite meal of Mac and Cheese, pineapple chunks, and a few Oreo cookies. Top that off with a glass of chocolate milk and he was in hog heaven.   It was a great evening out even though the temps were near zero and the wind-chill even worse.


Our visitor from Los Angeles, my better-half’s oldest son, flies out today to return to the left coast.  He was greeted here by more snow than he’s seen for many years.  He’ll appreciate that California weather a lot more I’m sure.

01-16-2015 Journal–Cold Noses and Horses!   Leave a comment

One of the biggest problems with this extremely cold weather is not getting to spend much time outside the house.  I’m able to run outside for short periods but anything longer than a few minutes is problematic.  Even my unheated workshop in the garage  is impossible to spend more than a few minutes in and I’m too cheap to pay for a space heater and gallons of kerosene.  The first week of this cold was bearable but each day that goes by without relief I become more and more antsy.

I ran out of patience yesterday and decided to grab my better-half, my camera, and just go somewhere.  As long as the car’s heater continued to work we’d be just fine.


I’ve been wondering during the last few days how in the hell the wild animals survive this kind of weather.  I’m sure that many don’t but it’s amazing that any actually survive it at all. I noticed this morning that my house is being circled by a flock of birds which I haven’t been able to identify.  It’s like a scene from Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. They seem to be interested in the suet we have near the other feeders but they’re beginning to make me nervous.  Prior to their arrival we hadn’t seen much activity at all except for a few chickadees and those annoying woodpeckers. 


During our foray into the ice and snow we took a ride through the Dayton area which is loaded with horse farms.  I was surprised to see quite a few horses out in the corrals wearing their coats and getting a little much needed exercise.



Normally anytime we approach horses they walk right over to check us out. They’re always curious and looking for apples, carrots, or sugar cubes.  Not today though.  They were just as cold and miserable as we were.  They appreciated the exercise but headed for the barn every few minutes to warm up a little.


Well it’s time to head back home for more reading and TV.  I miss the occasional walk on the beach even during the winter.  The current wind chill makes even that uncomfortable.  Hopefully we’ll see some warmer temperatures next week even if it’s only somewhere near thirty degrees.

01-18-2013   Leave a comment

Finally a day without snow or sleet or rain.  I really wish good old Mother Nature could make up her mind on these things.  Maine has always been known for unpredictable weather but in recent years it’s been a little stranger than normal.  The snow has finally stopped, the sun is shining, and the temperature has dropped into the teens. A perfect winter day for taking photographs and walking in the woods.

I loaded my snow shoes and camera into the car and away I went.  I did a two mile walk through the woods along the Scarborough Marsh.  It’s an eleven hundred acre marsh bordering on the ocean and it’s surrounded by woods and a large variety of wildlife.  Today the wildlife was scarce because of the deep snow but there were still plenty of tracks of many of the smaller animals who don’t weigh enough to sink into the snow.

I was able to take quite a few photos and I think some of them are really decent. Unfortunately it was cold enough that my camera became a little sluggish and I was forced to keep it inside my clothing to keep it warm and operational.  The wind chill is around eight degrees but the good thing is a hard crust is forming on the snow. By tomorrow I won’t be needing any clunky snowshoes to get around.

I did find a few of the stupider ducks who must have forgotten to go south for the winter.  There were about twenty of them huddled along the shore in the freezing water having a meeting to elect a new navigator.  The one they have must be a moron.

I did catch a quick look at my nemeses, the big fat barn owl I’ve been trying to get photos of forever.  He’s always around but never sitting still or close enough for me to a good shot.  I keep telling myself, be patient, and I’ve been telling myself that for almost two years.  He’s either extremely lucky or just a lot smarter than I am.

The cold finally began getting to me and I retreated back to my car.  It just felt so damn good to get out into the woods without worrying about hunters mistaking me for a cow or some other animal.  I did see quite a few deer tracks but noting fresh. I’d love nothing better than a nice clear picture on a nice clear day of a deer standing alone in the snow.  I’m sure to see a few before the winter ends and hopefully I’ll get lucky soon.  Who knows.

I’m back home now and thawing out a little. I need to take a quick shower and then answer a few emails before dinner.  My better-half’s been craving chicken wings for days and she’d better be using my wing sauce in her preparations or there’ll be hell to pay.

All in all a pretty good day.  I got out of the house for a few hours, walked in the woods, got some fresh air, and took a nice collection of photos.  I’ll take this kind of day any time.

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