03-01-2015 Journal–Winter’s Dead Buildings!   Leave a comment

The snow is finally trying to melt and with a week of temperatures in the high thirties we could see a lot of it go away.  Believe me I won’t be the least bit upset if it does.

The better-half and I made our way out into the countryside this week when we were lucky enough to have a bright, clear, and sunny day.  It was cold as hell but that wouldn’t effect the picture taking at all.  We agreed that this trip would be to find and photograph many of the older deserted homes and out buildings that seem to dot the landscape here in farm country.  With the amount of snow we received this year I expected to find at least one that had been crushed from the weight of the snow.  Each year many of these old building are lost to Mother Nature and I want as many pictures of them as I can get before that happens. The first one we happened upon had a collapsed roof and lots of damage.


‘Another one bites the dust.’


I do love the photo’s they provide me with.  They have much more character now than when they were newly built.


DSC_0044BThey just look so cool with trees growing up through the walls and roof.  I kind of hate to see them go by the wayside but they won’t be forgotten. As of today they’ve officially been immortalized.


Here’s another one that couldn’t take the weight of snow.  It will probably end up as a large bonfire some time in the early Spring.  We had a really fun afternoon during a wintry and freezing cold February. Here’s one last photo from our house.  When the icicles begin to drop Spring can’t be too far off.


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