03-07-2015 Journal- A Spring Tease!   Leave a comment

The ice and snow is finally melting.  It would appear that we’ve seen the last of the big Winter storms for this year.  While the temperatures are in the mid- forties during the day the nights remain cold as hell.  It’s a great trade off as far as I’m concerned. We still have tons of snow and ice on the roof of the house but it’s already been reduced by at least twenty percent.  The remainder should fall this week as it appears to have moved a few inches with this minor thaw.


‘When this ice hits the ground the entire house will shake.’


I made a trip to Lowe’s in preparation for the rebuilding of my mailbox for the third year in a row.  If I had the extra money I might even consider a small yet annoying lawsuit against the town to demand repayment for all of the mailboxes they’ve destroyed over the years. From the looks of things as I drive around I’m just one  of thousands who have the same complaint.


‘I know this looks almost usable but the door won’t close and the pole it sits on is missing. Take away the snow and it will be sitting on the ground.’

I’ve come up with a creative solution to the mailbox problem which will require me to spend a bit more money than I’d like.  If it works I won’t be buying any more mailboxes in the future.  As that project proceeds I’ll post some photo’s so all of you that don’t suffer from this problem can have a chuckle or two.


‘This is a sample of one of the many Maine seasons. We have Summer, Snow, Snirt (Snow/Dirt), Mud, and Black Fly.  This is SNIRT.’

The sun is shining this morning and I’m anticipating a decent day where I might actually get out of the house and into the woods.  This year has been one that made it difficult to get out and about even with snowshoes.  I tried it once and was exhausted within minutes.  With three feet of snow on the ground even snowshoes can’t help.  I think today I’ll get my car desalted, take a few pictures and celebrate seeing actual pavement for the first time in months.  I may have to be retrained to drive on real dry asphalt.

C’mon Spring!

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