03-05-2015 Journal–My Blogging Manifesto!   3 comments

I spend an hour or so every other morning sitting in this bed and writing about my life and my interactions with the rest of the human race.  Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes not so much.  There are times when finding subject matter becomes an issue.  It’s not a problem finding things to write about it’s deciding what things shouldn’t be written about that is my main problem. 

I’ve been taken to task on many occasions by both friends and family about things I’ve written.  Some asked, some begged, and others demanded that they be left alone and not included in my ramblings.  It took years for me to find that comfortable little niche where I was allowed to say just about anything  without repercussions. You see my problem don’t you? It’s the reason that I never post photo’s or use names of the people in my life. Truthfully they think what they and say do is so vitally important and private that I should never write a thing about them. I think that’s a huge steaming pile of ridiculousness because everyone is egocentric and thinks the world would stop tuning if their everyday boring crap isn’t kept totally secret.  That’s silly I know but everyone including myself seems to feel that way. I guess that just means we’re all a little more delusional than we’re aware of or care to admit.

I thought it was time for me to restate my approach to blogging because it continues to change and be readjusted the longer I do it.  I suppose I could give all of the more important and interesting characters in my life cute little nicknames or aliases but that to me is stupid.  I could write in great detail about all of them and their activities and cause a great deal of turmoil as I went about doing it.  I could post questionable photographs of them so the world would know just how important they’re not.  But I don’t and I won’t. That simple statement should help some of them sleep a little better tonight.

This posting is just a polite statement of my style of blogging and my motives. I blog because I love to write and what better things are there to write about than my own activities. I’ll continue to do this for as long as I can regardless of what anyone thinks.  The only motivation that keeps me going is that generated by me.  Outside influences are interesting but annoying and have no effect on how I approach this blog.  It will continue without change into the future.


Even Ted Kaczynski had a manifesto that explained his bizarre way of thinking. That’s the right of every citizen to voice their opinions regardless of how right or wrong they are.  I intend to keep my blog rated at a PG level but with a minimal amount of cussing and swearing. I do plenty of that in my everyday life and find it much more pleasurable than writing it.  There’ll be no photos of people in my life and no actual names will be ever be used. It isn’t really necessary because they all know who the hell they are anyway.

So I’m about to leave my warm bed and begin my day.  The blogging will continue and be as harmless as possible except when someone or something pisses me off. That’s just human nature and I choose to do it here on this blog rather than standing at a water cooler bitching about the world to a bunch of people who are bitching right back at me.

I prefer individual bitching rather than having it become a group activity. This blog is MY water cooler.

Have a wonderful and sarcastic day.

3 responses to “03-05-2015 Journal–My Blogging Manifesto!

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  1. Hey big bad boy… You can drop by my water cooler any day. I got stuff to talk about too if you can to listen…

  2. “This blog is my water cooler.” I like it!

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