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11-04-2015 Journal – The Last Warm and Sunny Days!   Leave a comment

Well for the first time in over a year I missed a day I had  scheduled for blogging.  I’m as surprised as you are but that old adage of “sh*t happens” happened. I normally post on one day then workout the next and so on and so forth.  I  became a bit confused and distracted and lost track of the days when our out-of-town visitors were here. It wasn’t until after they left that I realized my error.  So enough of that, let me get on with things.

We had such a good time with our visitor’s I’m not sure where to begin. We spent one afternoon in Kennebunkport doing some shopping and having dinner at Federal Jack’s restaurant.  A couple bowls of clam chowder and a plate of fried clams were followed by massive platters of fish and chips. Wash that all down with a couple of incredibly excellent Goat Island Light beers and your good to go.  So we went.


‘The best fried clams ever.’

The tourists have all fled southern Maine leaving the towns somewhat deserted as reflected by these photo’s:


‘In season.’


‘Off season.’

Federal Jacks just happens to be located directly above the original Shipyard brewery. Of course it’s mandatory with my better-half to complete any trip to Kennebunkport with a stop there too.  It’s her own private Hajj.



A fun time was had by all. The food was delicious and the beer cold and refreshing.  We took a slow leisurely ride home through Kennebunk where the streets were clogged with parents and costumed children enjoying their Halloween night festivities.   We arrived home safely and enjoyed a good night’s sleep. 

My next post will be day #2 of their visit where we spent a good part of that day playing tourist in the city of Portland. 

We’re in the midst of one beautiful Indian Summer and we all hope it lasts all the way to Thanksgiving.

09-19-2015 Journal–Random Unimportant Acts!   Leave a comment

Today’s posting is just a little of this and a little of that, nothing earth shattering by any means.  With Fall and the holidays in my immediate future I’m just taking a few deep breaths and resting up for the on-slot to come.  I’ll need all of my energy to deal with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and everything that entails.

Topic one is the ongoing Dish Network table project.  I was able to complete the first two coats of red paint, the staining of the base, and the creation of the coax cable pieces needed to make it a little more interesting. It’s coming together fairly well with only a few minor problems that were easily dealt with.




The hard part is coming.  I finally have the finished version of the mosaic for the table top laid out but getting it installed perfectly will be a challenge. 

Topic Two is the garden cleanup.  Yesterday I removed many of the plants that have been producing for most of the Summer.  The cucumbers, zucchini’s, beans, and kohlrabi’s made their way to the compost pile.  I left the tomatoes and peppers alone for now.  In another two weeks they too will be gone.  All in all 2015 was a very productive year for us.



Topic three; After working in the garden for a while my better-half and I made a quick trip to Federal Jacks restaurant and micro-brewery in Kennebunkport. I was in dire need of seafood and a large cold glass of Goat Island Light beer. Here’s the view from the second floor dining room overlooking the harbor.



And last but not least here’s a cold glass of Goat Island Light. As I’ve stated many times before, I’m not a beer drinker.  After all these years I finally found a decent beer I can occasionally drink and enjoy.  I never thought it could happen but I’m glad it did.


06-07-2025 – Journal– A Maine Beer Buzz!   Leave a comment


As I promised, today’s posting will conclude our day trip to Portsmouth, NH and Kennebunkport, ME.  I left off last time as we were leaving the Red Hook Brewery in New Hampshire after a nice lunch and a tour of the brewery.  I still was loving that beer buzz I had from tasting the many beer samples on the tour. Unfortunately by the time we reached the Kennebunkport area the glow was gone. 

Our last visit to Kennebunkport had been prior to Memorial Day and things have changed dramatically in the last week. The tourists were out in force and the parking difficulties have returned.  As much as I hate paying for parking there really isn’t much of a choice in such a small village directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.  Three bucks an hour is enough to keep our visit to a two hour minimum.



We took a quick walk around town hitting a few shops and generally getting a feel for the place. Many of the shops from last year were gone and replaced by new owners wanting to make their fortune. Good luck with that.

As always we hung around just long enough to make a visit to Federal Jack’s restaurant. We never miss that stop when we’re in town because the food is great and the beer is plentiful.  This is the original microbrewery location that eventually spawned the Shipyard Brewing Company. I switched back to white wine for my meal of freshly caught and cooked Fish & Chips.

The town is famous for the Bush family and as you can see the entire population is celebrating the 90th birthday of Barbara Bush this month.  As we left town we took a short ride up the coast past Walker Point where the Bush family has their summer residence. The day remained gray and chilly but that’s just life in Maine in early June.

We arrived back home with a camera full of pictures and full bellies. Now it’s time to relax for a while and watch a movie. We’re both hoping for warmer weather soon but I suppose that’s Mother Natures decision as always.

10-28-2014 Journal Entry-A Visit to Mussel Beach!   Leave a comment

I’m not sure how it happened but we’re enjoying one gorgeous Indian Summer day.  The sun is shining, the day is crystal clear, and the wind is blowing with a slight chill.   My better-half is again on a day off and again obsessing about chores around the house until I want to scream. We’ve been house bound for a week and days off are meant to be DAYS OFF. It took some doing but I strong-armed her into getting out for some picture taking and a ride along coast. 

I have to admit it was one of my best ideas ever.  The beaches were empty of tourists and the first one we visited was peaceful and quiet and highly enjoyable.


As we traveled south we stopped occasionally to snap a few pics and all the while I was directing us towards the Kennebunkport area.  We normally visit that town once or twice each summer but this year we were just too busy.  I was planning a nice surprise lunch at Federal Jack’s Restaurant and a leisurely stroll around town to window shop.  Federal Jack’s is also the home of the Shipyard Brewing Company, a perennial favorite of my better-half who is responsible for keeping their shares of stock at such a high level.

My side-story for today started six years ago and involved a plate of bad mussels at a nearby restaurant which will remain nameless (Olive Garden), a few drinks, followed by three hours of projectile vomiting where I’m sure I set a new world record for distance.  Since that time I’ve been unable to look at, think about or eat mussels.  Over the last few months I’ve found myself tempted to try some once again but always chickened out.  I was determined today to finally get that food monkey off my back.  My order of mussels was delivered, consumed, and thoroughly enjoyed.





They  were so  briny and  garlicky,  I was in hog heaven.  I’m so happy to have mussels returned to  the top of my favorite  food’s list. It’s been a long  time coming and a big hooray for me. We did our stroll through town, enjoyed some window shopping, and then returned to the car for the ride home. A slow and easy ride north along the coast road.

All in all it was a wonderful day and I’m glad we took advantage of it.  The next trip to this area will probable involve snow, ice, parka’s, tassel hats, and gloves. There’s nothing more fun or colder than walking the beach in January and February.

One last photograph that I stumbled upon as we were passing a very old cemetery.  This is the place my late father, the golfer, would have wanted to be buried.  It’s not often you can see a golf course and ball washer from your plot. 


09-19-2014 Journal Entry–Sunny, Clear & Cold!   Leave a comment

I’ve been sleeping much better lately now that the weather is turning colder.  Heat and humidity seem to be my worst nightmare these days.  I’ve always favored cooler weather and it seems that will never change.

Today’s forecast was for clear and sunny skies and a temperature in the low fifties.  It was dig out a medium weight jacket and jeans because it appears shorts are out until next Spring.  The better-half and I had errands to run on her day-off but I was able to convince her to take a ride along the southern coast for a few hours.  Traffic was heavier than anticipated and I’m not sure exactly why.  I guess everyone was trying desperately to enjoy the sunshine and extend their summer for as long as possible just like we were.

We started our little journey to  Kennebunkport by cutting cross country through an area filled with horse farms. We can always find great photo opportunities there.  


We made a short visit to the small coastal town of Cape Porpoise, Maine.  It was such a clear day I knew I could get a decent picture or two of the Goat Island lighthouse located just offshore at the entrance to the harbor.



These lobsterman pictured below were in port with barrels of freshly caught lobsters.  As you can see they’re loading them into trucks for transport to some of your favorite restaurants.


This area is filled with an endless supply of beautiful costal pictures as always. This small harbor was full of lobster boats and many of the visitors were sitting along the shore enjoying the view and basking in the sunshine.


We traveled north along the coast back towards Goose Rocks and Biddeford.  There were many terrific photo-ops and we took advantage of them all. There were so many possibilities we actually were forced to pass a few by and we hate doing that.  Here are a couple of samples.




It made for a great trip to roam around and enjoy one of our last remaining sunny and warm days.  The second half of this trip will be posted in a day or so as we traveled towards farm country looking for pumpkins. We planned on visiting a few farms in our ongoing effort to find pumpkins that weren’t priced sky high as those at Walmart.   It seems we can’t really enjoy the Fall season around here without stacking a few pumpkins and cornstalks in front of the house.

C’mon Winter!

06-11-2014 Journal Entry–Kennebunkport   Leave a comment

This has been a better week than I expected.  The weather has been beautiful with lots of sun and temperatures in the low eighties.  The better-half’s schedule is finally cooperating and her days off fell just perfectly.  We packed up our cameras and headed to Kennebunkport, Maine for lunch and a short shopping spree as she searched for a Father’s Day gift for her Dad.


It’s  little early for the normal crowds of tourists but it’s obvious that the summer is nearing.  Traffic was moderate but as always finding parking is a huge pain in the ass.


Before the advent of the Bush family to the national scene this place was just a small quaint little town on the water with a small harbor full of lobster men’s boats. Now it’s THE place to go in southern Maine for all of the Bush family admirers.  Everything Bush all of the time.


We decided that lunch at Federal Jacks was in order.  Federal Jacks is located on the main drag directly adjacent to the harbor.  It’s a great restaurant and also the original microbrewery responsible for the Shipyard line of beers.  We took a seat on the deck of the second floor and ordered drinks and a light lunch.  Here’s the view from our table.







“Black Bean Chili and Chips”



It’s low tide so the smell of the ocean and fish fill the air.  Some of us like that but many others like the schmo at the next table do not.  It’s the the ocean dumb ass, get over it. Go play tourist at the Grand Canyon where you can enjoy the aroma of hot sand. Brother!


We walked through a number of shops until my better-half found that special gift for Dad.  We decided not to spend the entire day there because it’s quite likely we’ll be back a few more times before this summer is over.


There you have it, another day in this northern paradise.  If you visit Kennebunkport in season there is one problem you’ll be forced to contend with.  A small town, limited space, thousands of people and unless you pay there will be:



Just a friendly warning.

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