07-08-2015 Mid-Year Review, 2015 Resolutions!   3 comments


I’m writing this mid-year review of my New Year’s resolutions and it seems I’m doing a little better than I’ve done in the past.  Just as an FYI, here’s a copy of the disclaimer I used after completing  my review of 2014’s resolutions.

“Four completed out of seven seems pretty good to me but I need to improve that next year. I’d really like just once to complete all of them but I always seem to get sidetracked with other stuff.  I may need a few easy ones for 2015 that won’t require me to work so hard. With that thought in mind here is my new list.”

Here we go with this year’s results, so far.

  • I vow to exercise for forty-one minutes every other day for the entire year.

A: COMPLETED, I actually increased my time to forty-three minutes per session.

  • I vow to call President Obama nasty names only during months with an "R" in them.

A: COMPLETED, This one was easy.

  • I further vow to never say anything good about President Obama in months without an "R".

A: COMPLETED: This one was even easier.

  • I vow to never blurt out any F-Bombs in front of the grandson now that he’s started repeating damn near everything.

A: COMPLETED, Believe it or not I’ve been extra good with this. With the birth of a second grandson I will now remain F-Bomb free for at least another year and a half.

  • I vow to say many more F-Bombs around those people (except the grandsons) who irritate, annoy or piss me off.

A: COMPLETED, and still going strong.

  • I vow to stop flirting with just anyone.  There are times when I feel like such a slut and that’s not a good thing for my self esteem.

A: INCOMPLETE, It’s hard to break this one semi-bad habit but I’m trying.

  • For the third year in a row I vow not to prance naked anywhere near the front picture window.  It creeps out the neighbors and one or two of our regular joggers.

A: INCOMPLETE BUT IMPROVED, I no longer feel the least bit tempted to prance even after receiving a number of rather nice emails from my anonymous admirers.

  • I also vow not to screw with my cat as much this year due to his advanced age and sharp claws.

A: INCOMPLETE, I have a few new scars but he really deserves being messed with.

  • I vow to take at least 500 really good photographs a month.

a: INCOMPLETE, I’m averaging just over 400 and I hope to make up some ground this summer.


So far this year I’m well on my way to accomplishing five resolutions out of nine. I’ll be working hard for the next six months to get my numbers up and in line with my predictions (eternal optimism is not my strong suit).

If I ever complete all of my resolutions in a given year it will be an effing miracle and the world will come to an end.

3 responses to “07-08-2015 Mid-Year Review, 2015 Resolutions!

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  1. Hey, not bad! You stuck to a lot of them.

    • How’s my favorite pregnant person these days. Thanks for your comment but it may have been a bit premature. I still have six more months to totally screw things up. Hope things are going well for you as well.

      • Haha, all’s well. I think for halfway through, you’re doing better than a lot of people. I’m sure you’ll finish the year off right too. 😉 Most people don’t accomplish ONE.

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