01-15-2016 Journal – Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee!   Leave a comment


My better-half had two days off this week and that almost always means another shopping foray somewhere in Maine and a quiet enjoyable lunch off the beaten path.  The day was frigid but bright and sunny which required a minimum of two layers of clothing to keep from freezing. After much discussion it was left up to me to decide as to where we’d be spending our day.  I plugged in the GPS and were soon on our way to Bridgeton, Maine.

Bridgeton is a small town located along the New Hampshire border in the foothills of the White Mountains. It’s was almost an hours drive on windy snow covered roads through an area with minimal population.

* * * 

Comment: I need to make a note of something here. On these day trips our car conversation can get a little strange. My better-half has an ability much like the late Yogi Berra. She has her own vocabulary which she constantly uses to confuse me. We were quietly talking about the flu season and how we both have had a nagging cough at night brought on phlegm in the throat. She looked over at me and serious asked, “My phlegm is green and tastes boogery, does yours? Now you can see why I find it necessary to keep these day  trips to under a hour travel time. It’s to avoid these strange conversations and questions. Now let’s get back to Bridgeton.

* * *

A little music and a lot of conversation later we arrived in the town and decided food was our first priority.

The restaurant was small and tucked away between two businesses along Main Street.  We ate here last summer during another visit and were suitably impressed with the food, coffee, and the variety of artisan breads. The place was overrun with ski team members from UNH (University of New Hampshire) who were visiting from a nearby ski resort.


I had my standard breakfast with bacon, sunny side up egg, home fries, toast, and an amazing mug of Jamaican coffee. I have to say I’m a bit of a coffee addict and this coffee was unbelievable.

My better-half dug into a breakfast Stromboli that was well worth the long trip to Bridgeton.

We did a little shopping  in a few stores not closed for the winter and I even stumbled upon quite the bargain. I found a soap stone sculpture of an Mayan soldier hidden away in a pile of items in the back corner of the shop. It’s the best $12.00 purchase I’ve made in years and will have a special place of honor in my man-cave.

We even discovered a die-hard artist bundled up and painting along a nearby brook.  Crazy, crazy, crazy!


We returned home refreshed from the trip, well fed, and ready for the forecasted freezing rain storm expected soon.  Just another day in this Maine paradise.


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