04/07/2022 Medical Day   1 comment

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I was drawn back into the arms of medical community this week with blood work and a CT scan. I sure haven’t missed that hospital, that’s for certain. I pissed away my entire day today being passed from one room to another and poked and prodded by a new group of strangers.

This was the beginning of my last (hopefully) quarterly scan. If the cancer remains in remission, I’ll be looking forward to a twelve-month period of being doctor-free as well. Next week’s two visits will tell the tale. The Oncology department will be tearing apart the results of these tests to give me a final determination on the cancer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as you can imagine. Here’s two appropriate medical limericks to end this lovely effing day.

There was an eccentric old boffin

Who observed, in a fierce fit of coughing:

“It isn’t the cough

That carries you off –

It’s the coffin they carry you off in!”


An unfortunate fellow named Lestyn

Has fifty-five feet of intestine.

Though a huge success

In the medical press,

It isn’t much good for digesting.


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  1. 💗It’s that “Joy Factor” I told you about. Anxiously waiting to hear your results next week. Oh, and thanks for the subliminal message. I guess you still like working “undercover”! 😉

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