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04/07/2022 Medical Day   1 comment

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I was drawn back into the arms of medical community this week with blood work and a CT scan. I sure haven’t missed that hospital, that’s for certain. I pissed away my entire day today being passed from one room to another and poked and prodded by a new group of strangers.

This was the beginning of my last (hopefully) quarterly scan. If the cancer remains in remission, I’ll be looking forward to a twelve-month period of being doctor-free as well. Next week’s two visits will tell the tale. The Oncology department will be tearing apart the results of these tests to give me a final determination on the cancer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as you can imagine. Here’s two appropriate medical limericks to end this lovely effing day.

There was an eccentric old boffin

Who observed, in a fierce fit of coughing:

“It isn’t the cough

That carries you off –

It’s the coffin they carry you off in!”


An unfortunate fellow named Lestyn

Has fifty-five feet of intestine.

Though a huge success

In the medical press,

It isn’t much good for digesting.


08/16/2021  Ten Year Anniversary   Leave a comment

Good morning readers. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m within two weeks of celebrating my tenth year of blogging which I think requires me to do an honest review of myself. I have to admit it’s been a real learning experience but one I wouldn’t change for anything. I never decided to blog because I thought I had all the answers or that my philosophy of life was of any interest to anyone but me. I blog primarily to keep myself sane. Blogging is a good way for me to vent and lower my blood pressure all at the same time.  I especially enjoy reading the feedback even if it’s discourteous, rude, or off-color.  It’s called freedom of speech.

I initially blogged about personal stories of my life but found out very quickly that family and friends dislike notoriety. From that point on I made sure to never mention names or to post any family members photographs.

I then moved into politics and voiced my opinions rather loudly and pointedly. It helped me to quickly discover that most blog surfers are of the “sound bite” generations. My goal then became writing a variety of articles that would keep readers reading to the end. It involved a mix of politics, humor, sarcasm, trivia, and whatever else I could find. I’m interested in anyone who really wants to take the time to read every word, think about it for a while, and then comment with a yea or nay. I’m not looking for approval just honest and open discussions and opinions.

After my interest in political blogging waned I decided to return to writing about personal stories from my past. It seemed the best way to go if I wanted to increased traffic. It also seemed that I wasn’t the only person fed up with politics and politicians. I love embracing change and have done so many times over the years. An old quote I heard many years ago still holds true today: “the greatest opportunities are found on the edge of chaos”.

I have a rather loyal following of readers who’ve stayed with me through my cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and a year of little or no blog postings. I’d like to thank them all for their continuing interest and support. It made returning to this blog a much easier transition than I had ever hoped for. Thanks again.


03/27/2021 Cancer & Covid . . . What a Year   1 comment

I imagine that everyone is as disgusted and frustrated with the pandemic as I am. As I look back there can be no doubt that 2020 was the worst year of my life. For me the pandemic was a secondary life threatening situation and my 12 months of cancer, hospitals, surgeries, doctors, chemotherapy, and wonderful nurses will never be forgotten. To make a long story short I remain cancer free with the results of my recent 6 month checkup and scans giving me some hope for a few more years.

For the last year and a half all of my attention has been aimed at surviving. Also I was concerned about how stupid I would look if I survived cancer then died from catching Covid-19. I’ve always preferred privacy in my life but this was the first time it almost drove me insane. It was much like being in jail without the benfit of human contact except for my partner and a few other family members. It’s not over yet but hopefully it will be in a few more long and endless months.

All of these things haven’t permitted me much time to pay attention to the current events and the political changeover from arch conservative Trump to our new socialist leader Biden. Funny how my life hasn’t changed one iota. it just proves the point that “Politicians still suck regardless of the party.” Maybe we need a third “Apathy Party” in this country to make things even more ridiculous. I don’t intend to waste any more of my valuable time listening to more political lies and exaggerations that mean nothing to most people. Lifes just too damn short.

I hope to begin posting again on a regular basis and it shouldn’t take too long for something or someone to piss me off.

05-26-2013   Leave a comment

I love cooking, I love eating, and I also love living.  If the experts out there are correct those three things are no longer compatible with each other.  For most of my life I’ve had one group or another of so called experts explaining to me in great detail what in their opinion would shorten or end my life.  I’m not talking about guns or knives or any type of weapon but food and other consumables.

I can’t drink the water because most of it contains harmful or deadly toxins that could be fatal with extended consumption.  I can’t breath the air because it’s polluted with toxins that could give me a cancer.  Those two things are basic to all life on the earth of which there is plenty but they could kill me. Do I stop consuming them?  If I do I’ll die for sure.  A seriously flawed conundrum.

Don’t eat eggs.  They’ll cause your cholesterol to soar putting you at risk. Don’t eat bacon.  It will kill you.  No more red meat. It will kill you too.  Don’t eat too much oil. It will kill you. No sugar. It will also kill you.  No sugar substitutes. They’ll kill you too.  Stop eating salt.  It could kill you.  Drink only low fat milk.  Whole milk contains something that will kill you.  No dairy products.  They can kill you too.  Don’t eat fish or seafood. Too much mercury. Don’t eat potato chips. They’ll kill you.  No fried foods. They can kill you. No coffee. It can kill you.

Carbs are bad.  Protein is bad. Oil is bad. Salt is bad. Sugar is bad. Water is bad. The air is bad. Being fat is bad.  Being skinny is bad. Being too active is bad.  Not being active enough is bad too. Drinking alcohol is bad. It will kill you.  Smoking is evil. You will day a horrible death. Don’ eat sweets.  They have sugar and will kill you.

I guess my point is that if you never want to die you should stop doing and eating all of the above things. Wait, that can’t be right.  You’re going to die anyway.

Let’ try this.  I could become a Vegan who eats nothing but bland unseasoned organic veggies.  I’ll drink nothing but pure filtered water, wear a mask to filter the air, and never touch any food that tastes good or even looks good.  I’ll exercise just enough to keep me healthy and skinny and never consume caffeine, drugs of any kind, alcohol, or sweets.  People would praise me as someone doing things the natural way, the way things ought to be for the entire world. I’ll form research groups to reinforce my opinions and write books and sell DVD’s to become rich and influential.  I’ll then use all of my money and influence to pressure politicians to pass laws that will force everyone to be healthy.  Once the entire country has been converted then I’ll do everything in my power to convince the world.  After I’ve become the voice of reason for all things health related, I’ll live just long enough to finally die.  Just like everyone else.

All that effort and BS just to die like every other unhealthy person on the planet.  Hardly seems worth the effort to me.  Just give me a cold beer, a bag of chips, a good bacon and egg breakfast, a nice juicy salted steak with all the trimmings, and a good smoke and glass of brandy. Then I’ll be ready to die too.

I’ll rather die happy eating a banana split covered with whipped cream, nuts, and a huge cherry on top than being a stinky and unhappy dead Vegan.  If I’m gonna go I want it to be on my own terms.  It’s something called freedom of which we have very little these days.

Bon Appetite

03-15-2013   Leave a comment

I’m celebrating today because yesterday I received a letter from my doctor. Truthfully, it’s not the kind of letter I like receiving but it is what it is and unfortunately for me it’s colonoscopy time again. Before I go much further I like to throw out a huge thank you to my late mother Janet. It’s her medical history and genetic inheritance that requires me to have these procedures. Her history of colon cancer and cancerous polyps has placed me at the head of the line for frequent colonoscopies. Thanks a lot Mom.

It all started for me in 2004 when my new doctor at that time was reviewing my medical history and gave me the bad news that colonoscopies were about to become a huge part of my life. I had no knowledge of what colonoscopies were at that time but I was to find out rather quickly how much fun they weren’t.  As the first colonoscopy approached I was directed to pick up a “Colonoscopy Preparation Kit” at my doctors office. It contained a gallon of liquid and a couple of pouches of powder that were to be mixed together and consumed the night before the procedure. I actually laughed when he told me that I had to drink that entire gallon in one sitting (no pun intended). He also warned me not to wander too far from a bathroom which I failed to take all that seriously. Big gigantic mistake number one.

Being the obedient person that I am I followed his instructions to the letter and discovered very quickly that his warnings were not to be taken lightly. I was sitting quietly on my deck when I felt a rumble.  It felt like a very small earthquake tremor at first but immediately I realized I might be more than a few steps too far from the closest bathroom.  I became a cross between Mt. Vesuvius and a high pressure fire hose. I almost made to the bathroom but not quite.  Big gigantic mistake number two.

After a hour of sitting, then an hour of cleanup I was cleansed inside and out and ready to go. I was very nervous about the procedure but after receiving some really excellent drugs I was ready for anything. I remember vaguely my ass hanging out in the wind and a number of people back there talking and looking around.  The next thing I remember I was in the recovery room, a much more humble person to be sure.

The good news was that my first colonoscopy experience was over and the bad news was given to me later by the doctor. I’d be required to do this every three years for the rest of my effing life. I wasn’t thrilled about that fact but I understand how important these procedures are to extending my life.

Since that first experience I’ve had three additional colonoscopies and I hate to admit it but I think I’m getting used to them. The first one they knocked me out with drugs, the second one I took a lighter drug dose and was able to remain semi awake and able to listen to the doctors and nurses as they reamed me out. The third one I took an even smaller dose of drugs and was able to talk with the doctor while he was doing the procedure and they even brought in a small television so I could see exactly what the camera stuck up my butt was showing the doctor. I don’t think I’ll do that again because that was a little weird. It was like looking down a long pink and disgusting tunnel. That’s one TV show I think I’ll pass on the next time around. I’ll just stick to the good drugs, take a short nap, and deal with my sore butt later.

I should gladly note that these procedures failed to find any major problems for which I’m exceedingly grateful.  They’re actually a very efficient way for early detection and treatment of what could be a life threatening situation.  When your told for the first time that you need to have a colonoscopy, just smile, drink your laxatives, and enjoy the drugs.  It could save your life.

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