04/06/2022 Irritation & Aggravation   Leave a comment

Approximately 10 years ago I posted a list of 100 things that I hated. At the time I was criticized for being a little too harsh about certain people and certain things. Now that I look back on it that was probably a valid criticism, but times have certainly changed. I found that original list few days ago stored in a directory on my computer that I’d forgotten all about. After reviewing it again I decided to make some changes because after my last two horrible years my attitude has changed quite a bit, mostly for the better. I can honestly say that all those years ago I shouldn’t have used the word Hate. I’ve rereviewed the list and pared it down to just forty things that really annoy and aggravate me. Here it is . . .

1. Stupid People

2. Rosie O’Donnell

3. Dirty Fingernails

4. Criminals

5. Funerals

6. Backward Baseball Caps

7. Large Groups of People

8. Dumb Cashiers

9. Stinky Feet

10. Night Farts

11. Bugs Crawling on Me

12. Terrorists

13. Know-It-Alls

14. Hospitals

15. Oprah Winfrey

16. Will Ferrell

17. Fake Fingernails

18. Smell of Urine

19. Women Missing Teeth

20. Political Correctness

21. Liberals

22. Drug Users

23. Clowns

24. Organic Food

25. Liars

26. Dirty Toilets

27. Roadside Death Shrines

28. Jehovah Witnesses

29. Fake Boobs

30. Ass Kissers

31. Stinky Breath

32. Wet Farts

33. Ugly Feet

34. Jeans with Holes

35. Arrogant People

36. Noisy Radios

37. Texting While Driving

38. Granny Panties

39. Penis Caught in Zipper

40. Ex-Wives

I will admit one thing after doing all of this editing. There are five things on this list that I really do hate but I’m not going to specify which ones. You be the judge. Make up your own list and then find those few things that really make you crazy. Then match it against my list and you should be able figure out my five.


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