07/15/2022 “No Editing”   Leave a comment

When I’m writing this blog, I continuously edit myself because I make tons of errors in spelling and grammar. It concerns me only because I don’t care to look like a moron when I’m posting some of my material. I wish I could say the same for everyone, but I can’t. As I read through my research material, I continually find mistakes, obvious mistakes, that have made it through three levels of editors and finally published and released to the public. It boggles my mind some of the things I’ve read in recent weeks and I’m going to share some of them with you now. It still amazes me how people rely on newspapers and their alleged accuracy. It’s time for some really stupid headlines.

  • Police Suspicious After Body Found in a Graveyard
  • Male infertility Can Be Passed on to Children
  • Iraq Head Seeks Arms
  • Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe
  • Two Convicts Evade Noose, Jury Hung

Can you believe this stuff? I can’t. Now I want to move on to some other things that I’ve noticed on websites like Craigslist. It’s apparent to me that editing is not permitted on these sites and here’s the results:

  • Free Yorkshire Terrier: eight years old. Unpleasant little dog.
  • Georgia Peaches – California grown -$.89 per pound
  • Joining nudist colony, must sell washer and dryer – $300
  • Wanted: 50 girls for stripping machine operators in factory.
  • Dog for sale: Eats anything and is fond of children.

That’s about enough for me. As Ron White always says, “You can’t fix stupid”.



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