10/17/2022 “Stupid Questions”   Leave a comment

I’ve worked closely for a variety of people over the years and I thought I’d heard every stupid question imaginable. Then I began reading about questions asked at National Parks and Tourist Visitor bureaus. Boy was I ever mistaken that I’ve heard it all. You just can’t make this stuff up.


  • Which beach is closest to the water?
  • Do you have a map of the Iditarod Trail? We’d like to go for a walk now.
  • Have we made peace with the Indians?
  • What is the best time of the year to watch deer turn into elk?
  • Where are Scarlet and Rhett buried and are they buried together?


  • If you go into a restaurant in Idaho and you don’t want any kind of potato with your meal, will they ask you to leave?
  • I am trying to build a flying saucer. Where do I go for help?
  • Where can I find a listing of jazz funerals for the month?
  • What is the official language of Alaska?
  • Where can we find Amish hookers? We want to buy a quilt.


  • Do you know of any undiscovered ruins?
  • So whats in the unexplored part of the cage?
  • We had no trouble finding the park entrances, but where are the exits?
  • What time does the two o’clock bus leave?
  • Did people build this, or did Indians?


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