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10-26-2013 One Year Anniversary   Leave a comment

I’ll begin celebrating today after posting this blog entry.  When I retired the Anti-Stupidity Blog one year ago I challenged myself to start a new blog and to write for one year, 365 posts, without missing a day and not using graphics, catchy and cutesy headlines or photographs.   It sounded easy at the time but it was anything but. 

I needed a lot of willpower but after the first six months my reserve of motivation was almost exhausted.  I worked through it and today that challenge and goal have been met. 

I’ll start fresh on October 27th (tomorrow) with an better outlook and a return to what some consider normalcy in blogging.  I’ll use the occasional photograph or two in the future but not gratuitously. The majority of these photo’s will be those I’ve taken myself.  I’ll be adding a word or two in addition to the date to indicate the general content of each post.  Since I’ve become somewhat addicted to this style of posting it will continue this way for the foreseeable future. 

I’m looking forward to the next year and I hope you are as well.  Tomorrow will be the start of something a little different but the endless quantities of totally useless information will continue.  The trivia quizzes will return and number of new twists can be expected there.  I’ll continue to comment on celebrities and their unusual activities, other inappropriate humor, and as many dirty and filthy limericks as I can find or create.  I’ll do the occasional book review and anything else that catches my fancy. 

The world is my oyster and I’ll keep searching for those proverbial pearls of wisdom to pass on to you.  Onward and Upward!

10-27-2012   2 comments

Today I’ve scheduled a few hours to complete the close out of the Anti-Stupidly Central blog.  I was a slow starter this morning but I finally downed a couple cups of coffee in an attempt to get my motor running.  Last night was another cold night with winter just around the snowy, sleety, freezing corner.  Thank God for that lifesaving electric blanket because without it I might have frozen off an important body part or two.

The closeout article for Anti-Stupidity is now completed and I’ll post it on the 31st so I can get to work on this journal.  I keep second guessing myself about the reasoning behind the closing but I’ve just got to let it go and move on.  It really was a great two year run and I learned a lot more than I ever anticipated about blogging and writing.  Life truly does goes on.

I’m forcing myself to get the hell out the house later today and make a short trip the my favorite spot,  the Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary.  It’s the perfect place to take a few photo’s, breathe a little clean air, and commune with good old Mother Nature.  I haven’t been there nearly enough this summer but I’ll make up for it this winter.  Besides, I can’t wait to break in those new snowshoes I bought last Spring.  As much as I like Summer and Fall scenic shots, I think the winter snow scenes are even more beautiful.  I plan on going overboard this winter on them if we get the amount of snow needed to make them perfect.  Everyone including Poor Richard is calling for large snow falls this year and I hope their right.

It’s time for a hot bowl of soup, a little reading, and then back to the computer.  I‘m slowly getting the hang of blogging with my new IPad but I’m a long way from being as proficient as I need to be .

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