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04-20-2015 Journal–Spring in the Woods!   Leave a comment


While we’re having a string of bright sunny days the nights continue to be a little too cold for my liking.  It seems to be taking so damn long for the temperatures to heat up so I’ll do the best I can not to whine continuously about it.


‘You gotta love those pesky woodpeckers.’

This week’s  weather milestone permitted me to don my first pair of shorts for 2015 and to sun myself on the deck.  I even managed to get a light sunburn on my face and arms which tingled nicely as I showered last night.  A truly delicious pain, right up there with hot peppers.

With the better-half having a weekend off we decided to get away from the yard work for a while and to take a walk in the woods.  With cameras in hand we made our way to our favorite sanctuary located along the Scarborough River and marsh. 


I love visiting this area early each Spring but to most people it just looks drab and dismal.  The greenness of the plants is a week or two away, the ground is a little muddy, and the winter damage to the trees is highly visible.  We got a little wet and muddy but the sun was shining and bright and we really enjoyed the fresh air. We walked though the sanctuary and ended up along the river bank overlooking the river and the marsh beyond.  I’ve already used one of those photos for my IPad screensaver and I hope to collect many others as the summer progresses.


As we walked along we ran into another couple and their big old barking dog. The people were friendly enough but the dog left a lot to be desired. We continued walking back through the woods to check out the two small ponds looking for signs of any wildlife.  We saw a few birds and some noisy crows but not much else.

It appears that it’s still too early for the frog population to make their appearance.  The ponds were full of tadpoles swimming everywhere and there should be no lack of frogs later this summer.  I’m not sure why I have such a fascination for swamps but I really do.  Frogs are cool and my favorites, the dragonflies, are just weeks away from making their first appearances.

I can look forward to a summer of regular visits here and lots of terrific pictures, I hope.


02-28-2013   Leave a comment

Another winter month coming to an end.  It’s hard to believe that it’s March already and we’re within a few short weeks of April and the beginning of another Spring.  Even with all of the snow, sleet, and ice we’ve had this winter it’s just flown by.

Since I’m the ultimate planner I ‘m already looking forward to gardening and how I plan on improving our garden.  You really can’t start too soon in Maine because our growing season is so much shorter than the norm.  Last year we had some successes with the garden and a couple of abject failures.  For the first time I planted collard greens just to see if they’d grow in this colder climate. OMG, a huge mistake on my part.  I didn’t realize just how freaking big those plants could get.  I planted only six plants and they just took over the entire corner of my growing frame.  I was so pissed I jerked them out of the ground and personally delivered them to the compost pile.  I wasn’t even smart enough to keep one or two to eat.  I’m guess I’m in need of counseling to help me manage my Garden Anger.

I like keeping a medium sized garden that produces well and anything that I deem a problem or an obstacle to my goals is gone, gone, gone.  I guess that’s why my compost pile is fifteen feet long and three feet high.

My biggest disappointment is growing tomatoes.  I love to eat them and use them in a variety of recipes but it seems that successfully growing them isn’t likely to happen.  Cherry tomatoes seem to do well both in the garden and containers on the deck but regular tomatoes, no such luck.  I’ve tried different fertilizers, had my soil tested and adjusted, planted a number of variations, all to no avail.  I even went so far as to buy a couple of those upside-down growing bags that were advertised on TV for a couple of summers. They were a huge pain in the ass to start with and never produced a single tomato.  Very frustrating to say the least.

I have a sizeable herb garden which always does well and supplies us with a variety of herbs for cooking year round.  I may try a few new and different things this year like adding additional garlic chive plants, a chocolate mint or two, and maybe two or three varieties of basil and sages.  It’s much more fun to experiment with your plantings when there’s no fear of the plants not growing as expected.  I’ve discovered that most herbs will survive almost anything except a lack of water.

Well, so much for my first taste of Spring Fever.  It all started with this little burst of warm weather today.  I feel as most people in Maine do.  We’ve had our long and snow-laden winter which was beautiful and all but it time to move on.  Very soon we’ll have warm weather, the smell of cut grass, walks in the woods, strolls on the beach, and vacation visits from family and friends who refuse to come to Maine in the winter.  Can’t wait!

Here’s hoping 2013 is as good as expected and even better than last year.  C’mon warm weather, you’ve been missed.

11-04-2012   3 comments

Are you as sick as I am with all this political nonsense? I decided to get out of the house for a few hours with my better-half to take a short hike through the woods, in a non-hunting area of course, to just enjoy the clean air and the sunny day. The area where we wanted to walk is approximately seven miles from our home and we took the round-about-way of getting there.

I decided just for the hell of it to count all of those annoying political signs that seem to pop up at every intersection and clutter the landscape during every election cycle. I stopped counting at three hundred but it was easily twice that.

I realize there are some rather loosely enforced rules about where those signs can be placed and how many can be placed there but that’s not really my point. It’s just another way for politicians of both parties to irritate the hell out of people. It’s bad enough that we have to listen to a barrage of advertisements on television but now they’re calling on my cell phone. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country whose made an attempt to contact every no-contact list imaginable to stop these annoying intrusions. Whatever rules they’ve set up for this kind of political crap just aren’t being enforced. Why am I acting so surprised?  Everyone knows the rules don’t apply to the political elites.

I’m not a big fan of things political and I’ve lost a great deal of respect for many of the people who insist on living that lifestyle. I can respect a blue-collar worker much more than a smooth talking, word parsing, political hack. These feelings aren’t restricted to any specific political party because the differences between the two have become so blurred in the last few years it’s all the same damn thing. I know it doesn’t do much good to bitch and  complain but it certainly makes me feel a little better.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting this week, I was able to make a little progress on that sculpture I been working on. It felt good to zone out for a few hours and concentrate on something interesting instead of the normal everyday humdrum nonsense. It still won’t be ready for Christmas but at least I’m back working at it. I love working with unusual materials and this project has taken it further than I normally go. Trying to create or re-create a woman’s hairdo out of white caulking compound has been a true challenge. I know exactly how I wanted it done  and how I wanted it to look but getting there has become quite a challenge. I’ll keep slaving away and hopefully see an end to this project sometime after the holidays. Maybe I’ll be forced to make it a Valentine’s Day gift.

I did little shopping earlier today at a local store that sells used CDs, books, and video games. I love reading and I’ve been wanting for the longest time to eventually read the entire Harry Potter book series. I got extremely lucky and was able to purchase the first six books of that series at a reasonable price.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the book I’m currently reading and be able to get into the first book of Harry Potter sometime this evening. The books are always better than the movies, at least in my experience.

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