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04-20-2015 Journal–Spring in the Woods!   Leave a comment


While we’re having a string of bright sunny days the nights continue to be a little too cold for my liking.  It seems to be taking so damn long for the temperatures to heat up so I’ll do the best I can not to whine continuously about it.


‘You gotta love those pesky woodpeckers.’

This week’s  weather milestone permitted me to don my first pair of shorts for 2015 and to sun myself on the deck.  I even managed to get a light sunburn on my face and arms which tingled nicely as I showered last night.  A truly delicious pain, right up there with hot peppers.

With the better-half having a weekend off we decided to get away from the yard work for a while and to take a walk in the woods.  With cameras in hand we made our way to our favorite sanctuary located along the Scarborough River and marsh. 


I love visiting this area early each Spring but to most people it just looks drab and dismal.  The greenness of the plants is a week or two away, the ground is a little muddy, and the winter damage to the trees is highly visible.  We got a little wet and muddy but the sun was shining and bright and we really enjoyed the fresh air. We walked though the sanctuary and ended up along the river bank overlooking the river and the marsh beyond.  I’ve already used one of those photos for my IPad screensaver and I hope to collect many others as the summer progresses.


As we walked along we ran into another couple and their big old barking dog. The people were friendly enough but the dog left a lot to be desired. We continued walking back through the woods to check out the two small ponds looking for signs of any wildlife.  We saw a few birds and some noisy crows but not much else.

It appears that it’s still too early for the frog population to make their appearance.  The ponds were full of tadpoles swimming everywhere and there should be no lack of frogs later this summer.  I’m not sure why I have such a fascination for swamps but I really do.  Frogs are cool and my favorites, the dragonflies, are just weeks away from making their first appearances.

I can look forward to a summer of regular visits here and lots of terrific pictures, I hope.


04-10-2015 Journal – WTF More Snow!   Leave a comment

With a major warming trend gripping Maine I was swept away with a huge dose of Spring Fever this week.  I moved my grill from storage, cleaned it up, and cooked my first feast for 2015.  I spent some quality time on the deck reading one of my favorite books with my favorite lazy cat.  Life was slowly improving and I began to throw off those Winter doldrums. 

I decided that since a great deal of the snow had disappeared I’d take a trip to the coast to look around a little.  I worked my way up the coast to the inlet where the great Scarborough Marsh empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  This inlet is populated by a large number of lobster boats and their owners and is the area where you can buy the freshest lobsters in town.  There was a lot of activity in the harbor with the boats being cleaned and readied for the warmer weather.



As you can see by these photos it was a gray day but slowly showing some signs of Spring.  I should have known better than to get my hopes up because the weather in Maine is nothing if not fickle.


I awoke yesterday prepared to face the day and to begin the cleanup of my yard and garden.  How stupid am I? I walked to my bedroom window, looked out, and saw an overnight deposit of four inches of snow. WTF!



Now I’m once again depressed and irritated.  While listening to the radio today I heard about the Freezing Rain Alert for tomorrow where high winds, sleet, and power outages are expected.  What did we ever do to deserve this I wonder?

I think it’s time for me to sit quietly, sip a glass of my favorite brandy, and relax so my head doesn’t explode.