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03-13-2015 Journal – Spring Repairs!   Leave a comment

The Spring melt continues between bouts of annoying snow that keep showing up almost every morning. Fortunately it’s usually just a dusting that melts away as soon as the sun comes up.  What’s been the most surprising is the speed in which the snow has been disappearing. Having four feet of snow on the ground for most of 2015 and piles more than fifteen feet high found in certain parking lots, it’s melting away much quicker than expected. 

I’ve been mentioning for the longest time about the amount of ice and snow that has built up on the roof of our home.  The rear of the house gets very little sunshine and the accumulation there is always an issue.  Each year we look forward to the "ice fall" and this year was no different.  I was working on my computer when the whole house shook much like a small earthquake.  I knew immediately that the ice had dropped and OMG it was amazing.  A sheet of ice between ten and twelve inches thick, four foot wide, and thirty feet long, smashed to the ground with a tremendous roar. 


‘Be glad you weren’t standing here when it came down.’


After last Winter I was forced to rebuild the hand railing on the steps for the third time. When the ice drops it usually crushes the railings and they must be rebuilt.  I attempted to build a replacement rail that would survive the ice drop and I was successful.  This huge ice sheet hit the railing and bounced down off and landed in the yard. That’s one project eliminated from my Spring repair list.
I began today by heading to Lowe’s to purchase the materials I’ll need to rebuild my mailbox.  I’ve come up with a new design that will hopefully keep those damned snowplow drivers from costing me more money next year.  Here are the results:





Later this week my plans for rebuilding the frames for a portion of my garden will begin.  Then we’ll decide what we’ll be planting and where.  I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and getting outside to dig in the dirt a little.  Winter can’t disappear soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

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