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I’ve never been accused of being overly sentimental but on a number of occasions I’ve been told by friends and family members that I was anti-Santa and had no Christmas spirit.  I never took those kinds of criticisms to heart because I know they weren’t always factual.  Unless you’ve been in an intimate relationship with someone you just can”t honestly make those kind of assumptions or so I thought.

Since it’s the Christmas season and everyone is alleged to be happy and jolly I thought I would pass some of my happy and jolly along to the rest of you to explain those terrible but true accusations.

I was accused many years ago of being a Bah Humbug and a holiday hater.  Unfortunately at that time I was.  I worked during at that time for a national toy company and Christmas was considered our life blood, it was a freaking nightmare.  We began planning for Christmas in early June every year and it was the constant drumbeat every effing day until the following January.  It lasted until January because that was when all of the phony people returned the so-so gifts they were given because they sucked and they just wanted cash.  I worked there for thirteen long, long, long, Christmas seasons.

Normal people spend approximately one month a year with the holidays constantly on their minds and almost all of them are exhausted in January and glad to have them over with for another year.  So in my thirteen years with the Child World\/Children’s Palace chain I was blessed with effing Christmas cheer for a total of 104 months.  For you math majors in the audience that equates to over a century of Christmases that I’ve been blessed with. Red and green ribbons, gifts, toys, pissed off customers, bratty little shits, drunken Santa’s, and a long stream of six day work weeks.  You bet your ass I hated Christmas.  My skin would actually crawl when I heard Silent Night or Deck the Freaking Halls. 

I don’t remember most Februaries during that time because I was asleep.  It took me until April to get back to normal just in time to begin preparations for the next Christmas.  It was a Holly Jolly hell and I felt I was being punished for something awful I did in another life.  I’d been convinced by karma that I was at one time, some where, in another life,  a no good bastard whose was still paying for all of his misdeeds.

Now to the present.  I still suffer through Christmas but every once in a while I feel a stab of sentimentality.  When my better-half runs crazily through the house wearing stupid reindeer antlers or when her kids show up unexpectedly to surprise her with a Christmas visit, I feel the love.  This year will be extra special and I’m already feeling the tug on my heart strings for the new grand child.  To me Christmas has always been for the young children. Having this new young family member will most certainly keep the true spirit of Christmas alive for us for many years to come.

So to you all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a great big BAH HUMBUG from me.

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  1. Between the end of year preperations for the business, The fiscal cliff, The promise of higher taxes, The holiday trafic, The search for the perfect gift and the need to keep the lights on the tree working, who couldn’t love Christmas!

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