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Winter has returned with a vengeance here in Maine.  It’s not snow this time but frigid cold.  The wind chill has been below zero for a few days which means I don’t leave this house unless it’s on fire.  These are the days when my list of winter projects becomes important. 

After I finished reading the entire collection of Harry Potter books two weeks ago I then decided I wanted to see all of the movies now that I had a better understanding of the story line.    Yesterday was the start of my Harry Potter movie marathon made possible by a grant made to me by my better-half’s daughter.  I have in my hot little hand all of the HP movies in Blue Ray, I effing love it. This weather made it possible for me to watch the first three movies without much interruption yesterday. 

One big surprise though, my better-half sat in for a few minutes at the beginning of movie number 4 and became  mesmerized. She watched that entire movie and loved it.  I was informed last night that I wasn’t to watch any of the other films unless she was here to watch them with me.  I didn’t mind that too much since I actually like having her around most of the time.  Besides if I happen to remain quiet and really still she’s likely to be the first person to raid the kitchen and make us popcorn.

The marathon will continue later tonight but this morning I’m back in the kitchen making a batch of hot and spicy barbecue sauce.  If I manage it properly I can have it made, canned, and on the shelf before my better-half returns home from work.  I’ll return shortly. . . .

(Time Passing)

Well I’m back and the sauce has been made and canned.  The cleanup is actually easier since I made a smaller batch than normal.  I was able to can 16 half pints of sauce with each one holding enough for a meal of chicken wings  or a meat of choice.  It was a newly developed recipe which offers a lot of flavor and a medium amount of heat.  I decided to ease up on the heat since most of this batch will be given to friends and family.  I’ll make a smaller batch in a few weeks which will be much hotter and more to our taste.

I’m just sitting here now waiting for the better-half to arrive.  I went outside to check the mail earlier and OMG is it freaking cold.  The deck is making gun shot noises as the nails are popping from the temperature.   The first time made me jump a bit but the poor cat is going crazy.  He no sooner gets to sleep then BANG.  It’s harshing his buzz and making him extremely cranky.

Tomorrow is another day in paradise.

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  1. Thats some HP marathon you had!

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