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Mother Nature just can’t or won’t leave us alone.  The early part of today was clear and really cold but livable. I  was able to have a few warm hours this morning after the sun came up and rapidly heated the house. I had a quick breakfast of tasty cinnamon buns homemade by my better-half which were excellent.  She’s been fine tuning her recipe for a week  and has finally found the magic.  A good hot cup of coffee with warm buns heated for a few seconds in the microwave, Yum!

She was off to work early as I prepared to do a bit of electrical rewiring in the room I’m remodeling.  I removed the existing ceiling insulation, drilled the appropriate holes in the joists, and replaced the box in the center of the ceiling with a reinforced box that will hold the weight of the fan slated to be installed there. This house in just over twenty years old and nothing is easy. As soon as you start any project it immediately turns into what can only be described as a huge pain in the ass. The builders seemed to have cut corners at every turn and now I have to try and fix things as they’re discovered.

The insulation was installed without a vapor barrier which is a no-no and it’s also so old that it’s easily torn.  What a freaking nightmare.  Before I can do much of anything else I’ll be forced to replace all of the insulation and then install a good vapor barrier which wasn’t included in my original budget for this project.  I’ve just had my project extended by a few days and a few hundred dollars which makes me really unhappy but not at all surprised.

I also removed an electrical outlet in the wall near the door that appeared dead.  Tracing the wires didn’t help much when after a half hour and fifteen feet later I discovered they weren’t attached to any thing. They’d been rolled up and shoved behind the insulation probably fifteen or twenty years ago.  Another little tweak of my nose by this freaking house.

After five hours I called it quits, sat down and enjoyed a good hot cup of coffee.  Then Mother Nature reared her ugly head once again and began to pour on the snow.  It was a light snow but it lasted for almost six hours.

The better-half made it home safely from work, we had a quiet meal, and kicked back for a while.  She’s scheduled early in the morning tomorrow so she headed off to bed early.  I donned my winter outfit and headed outside to clear the driveway of snow before retiring.  Thank God for that new snow thrower.  I cleared the driveway in rather short order just after 8:00 pm so the better-half wouldn’t have issues in the morning.

Now that she’s in bed I have a few minutes to read a couple of chapters.  I need to keep up with the adventures of Detective Eve Dallas, a NYC cop in the year 2056. 

The construction weather report looks grim for tomorrow.  I’m expecting a huge amount of aggravation, followed by a host of nicks and cuts, and the occasional  moments of intense profanity and general yelling. 

I love my life.

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