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Just sitting around today waiting for the next uppercut from Mother Nature who is sending another huge snow storm our way.  I sure hope those alleged weathermen and women are wrong but you know how that goes.  When they say it will be sunny and fair they’re almost always wrong. When they say it will sleet or snow, they’re almost always right.  If we get the 16-24 inches they’re predicting it will be a long few days of snow blowing, shoveling, and waiting for the roads to be cleared.

Yesterday’s posting seems to have struck a nerve in some quarters.  Closest to home my better-half was less than thrilled about being mentioned in what she thought was a somewhat derogatory manner.  I kept trying to explain to her that every time I refer to her in a post, it’s complimentary.  She just doesn’t realize after all of our time together when I ‘m being serious and when I’m being funny.  She’s thinks I should be more careful when discussing our personal life but I just can’t seem to help myself. Our life together is great but at times it’s also hysterically funny. She’s either purposely giving me a bad time or she’s all of a sudden lost her sense of humor. Truthfully I think she’s trying to be sarcastic and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.  She’s a sarcastic work in progress.

I had a great half hour of meditation this afternoon (as described yesterday) which always makes me feel terrific.  My cat has picked up the habit of climbing onto the meditation platform (couch) while I’m meditating (napping) and stretching out to his full length and purring like crazy.  That tells me he’s found his "happy place" which is probably somewhere near the Portland fish market.  He so loves his seafood.

We both then retired to my man-cave for an hour of tax preparation.  After a great deal of bitching and profanity the cat left in a huff as I finally e-filed my returns. That damn cat’s getting way too sensitive in his old age and needs to lighten up a little. There was a time when he would only respond to "Hey Dumb Ass",  so I just don’t get his recent snotty attitude. I suppose he’s just feeling the "tax time" pressures vicariously through me. Dumb ass cat.

I would also like to send out a quick thank you to a few of my newest followers.  Welcome to the blog that’s just “full of it”. I hope you enjoy your visits here and come back as often as possible.  Thanks go out to: hayleyhobson, happsters, evanstang, puravidaeh, craftedincarhardtt, russelldeasleyhollisplample, and silkroadcollector. If the rest of you get a chance please give their blogs and profiles a look see.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

I guess it’s time for me to gas up the snow thrower and begin preparations for the storm that’s scheduled to start sometime early tomorrow.  Winter in Maine is a trip  but  I never said it was always a good trip.

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