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After yesterday’s serious posting I decided to lighten things up a bit today.  We snow bunnies here in Maine are celebrating again as we await yet another two feet of snow to play in. I’ve spent most of today with my new best friend, my snow blower, and we’ve been out doing our thing four times already. It’s a real bitch since this snow is extremely heavy and wet making everything doubly difficult.  If I don’t continue to keep up with the snowfall then tomorrow when the temperature dips low again I’ll be up to my butt in ice.

My better-half has apparently lost what little was left of her mind.  She’s been out in the snow all day running, jumping, and just being crazy.  I fear she may have a serious snow fetish that I was not previously aware of. I gave up years ago trying to calm her down when she gets like this so I just stand back and take lots of pictures.  They’re perfect for future blackmailing purposes and you can bet I’ll use them to my best advantage. I’m surprised she hasn’t again suggested making naked snow angels as she’s done in the past. In order for me to be tempted to do that I’d need a lot more alcohol which would in turn would make me especially dangerous with that snow blower.  So I’ll pass this time and make sure I get really clear pictures if she decides to get that nuts.

Her one big wish today was to build a freaking snowman in the front yard.  Since I wasn’t permitted to give it a nice set of breasts I refused to participate.  Being the shy person she is she initiated a conversation with some guy in a pickup truck who was plowing the neighbors driveway who then stopped to look at the snowman.  She complained she had no carrot for the snowman’s nose and it really wouldn’t be complete without one.  The guy turned his truck around and drove away in the middle of the storm and returned fifteen minutes later, rolled down his window, and handed her a carrot, and then drove away. All in all a pretty cool move.

I suppose I’ll be out with the snow blower at least one more time before calling it a night.  I suspect she’ll require me to sit in front of the television tonight with her to watch all of the red carpet hoopla before the Oscar ceremony.  Thank God she works early in the morning and will probably go to bed early so I can turn it off.  Watching Hollywood celebrities for me is much like having your wisdom teeth pulled with a pair of pliers and no Novocain.

It’s time for a quiet dinner and a glass of brandy or two and then to bed to read a few chapters.  The storm should be over before morning and I hope we get a reprieve from the weather for a few days before the next one rolls in.

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