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Just as a common courtesy I thought I’d let everyone know that as I ended yesterday’s posting I was hoping and praying for a really sexy massage but a little worried about a threatened enema.  I received neither and on one hand I’m happy and the other hand not so much.  It was an all or nothing deal and I had to turn it down because I’m chicken.

It’s always been that way for me.  it’s never someone just offering me a nice kiss on the cheek but someone promising that kiss then kicking me in the balls as well.  Carrot and stick all at the same time.  If you can avoid that situation I would highly recommend it.

Since I’m still under the weather I’ll spend my day today on the computer continuing the sorting and cataloging of my photographs.  I’ve almost completed the job which has taken just about forever but ever time I return home with my camera I have another hundred or so photo’s to review and sort. And no I don’t keep everything.  If I take a hundred photos from my camera I may keep twenty-five.  A quick skim through them usually reveals very quickly which ones just suck and have no real value.

My standard routine is to take at least four shots of every photograph.  It still amazes me how much difference takes place in just a second or two from the last one.  As a general rule the very first snap usually is the keeper.  Not always but more often than not.  It just goes to show that my first thoughts and actions  in that specific moment were correct, most of the time.

I may spend a little time today playing with my Photoshop program.  I normally don’t edit my photographs because I want them exactly as they were when taken.  I’ll on occasion edit a few as a novelty and print them up for friends and family but in my opinion untouched photo’s are always the way to go. I’m still something of a novice with Photoshop but it’s fun to play around with which can only increase my proficiency.

I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be permitted  to leave the house.  Just between you and me, regardless of the warden’s wishes, I’ll be getting out of here for a few hours.  A little fresh air can only help and even if it doesn’t, so what. I have to admit that I’m a terrible patient and even though my better-half is trying to help I still can occasionally be a  pain in the ass.  Hard to believe I know.

Well, tomorrow is another day with the promise of sunny weather, a quick and undetected escape from this house, and freedom, freedom, freedom.

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