04-23-2013   2 comments

This has been a slow news day for me.  I was so excited to complete my room remodel that I celebrated a little too much and got stupid a whole lot. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the high sixties, and I was on the deck catching some rays and loving life.  Portions of our deck are protected from the wind so I was hot and sweaty  in the sun but then when the wind shifted the temperature dropped about fifteen degrees.  I didn’t let it phase me or so I thought.

Last night at nine I started feeling a bit flushed and then a little clammy.  Right as I was going to bed I felt that well known indicator of bad things to come, a scratchy throat.  I hoped and prayed I was wrong but I knew I wasn’t. At three in the morning I woke up coughing and with a light fever.  At four I was awakened because I was having difficulty breathing from congestion in my head and chest.  It was quickly becoming a really bad day.

I seem to have lost the good health battle to a rather fast moving virus of some sort. I honestly don’t think it’s the flu because of the speed at which it’s progressing.  I’ve been low on energy all day today and been doing all of the normal run-of-the-mill remedies to help myself through this.  Lots of liquids, rest, an occasional throat lozenge, and a few Tylenol.  It’s now four in the afternoon and things are status quo.

I hate being sick and confined to bed but my better-half (the female warden of this prison) has laid down the law.  I’m in freaking jail with no chance of parole at least until the fever breaks.  I’ll only be allowed out to play with the other kids after I start feeling better and when I stop being a whinny baby (her choice of words, not mine).

So this posting will lack my normal sarcastic bent because my head hurts and I’m in dire need of a lengthy but loving back rub. The warden says if I’m good I can watch some TV and she’ll make me some chicken soup.  Screw the soup, I want a really detailed and thorough sponge bath with all the trimmings.  It would lower my rising temperature, clean my filthy body, and give me a cheap thrill or two if she does it just right.

So that’s it for today.  I can see the warden heading my way with that Nurse Ratched look on her face.  I hope she’s not going to try that enema thing again. LOL

2 responses to “04-23-2013

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  1. Feel better! I hope you got your sponge bath, lol.

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