12-18-2013. Journal Entry   2 comments


Well the holiday is rushing towards us and we’re down to the last week of preparations. The weather here in Maine is certainly doing it’s part this year. It’s the eighteenth of December and we have two and a half feet of snow on the ground.  It’ll be nice to have an old style white Christmas with the trees sagging low with snow and everything feeling clean and new.  It also makes for some beautiful photography as you can see.

My leg is healing nicely but it appears I’ll need more time to get it back into shape.  I feel a little stupid hopping around with that Walter Brennan limp but what can I do.  It’s just nice to be able to walk around the house, drive my car, and to get out and do a little Christmas shopping.


I hate to admit just how much I miss being able to use those handy electric shopping carts to do my shopping.  People are nicer to you, they get out of the way, and even let you get ahead of them in line at the register.  I’m a bit spoiled I guess.  I’ve come up with a solution for that problem though.  I’m going to start carrying the air cast and crutches in my car.  I’ll arrive at Walmart, put on the boot, grab the crutches and make my way inside to claim my cart.  That’s what I call a real emergency kit.  My luck, I’ll get caught doing it the first time.

I have a few more stocking stuffers to buy this week and my holiday prep will be complete.  Thank God for Amazon who made my Christmas so much easier to deal with this year. Shop, click, and bing, bang, boom . . .  it arrives at your house in two days.  Next year I may attempt to make it a total Amazon holiday.  I’ll first sign up for Amazon Prime which for $79.00 gives me free shipping on all purchases for a year.  Order anything and everything I need for the holidays, have it nicely wrapped, and shipped with a card to relatives and friends anywhere on the planet.  It’s called a "one click" holiday season.


My better-half has been like a crazy person for the last few weeks but she appears to have accomplished all of her tasks and is calming down a little.  The house is just about ready for guests and family and enough beer has been purchased to keep her in that sentimental mindset which help’s her enjoy the holidays.  She’s worked very hard this year to get everything done and ready without my help and it’s looking terrific.

She and her daughter spent a good part of the day yesterday doing something they both love.  Manicures and pedicures all around.  I gave my better-half a gift certificate for two of each a few weeks ago for her birthday.  I knew it would come in handy during "crazy week".  They were pampered and lotioned until they had no choice but to be happy and smiling.  There’s nothing like a good looking guy rubbing and scrubbing your feet and waiting on you hand-and-foot.  One of these days I might be forced to give it a try myself but with a good looking woman.



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  1. Did you get the snowblower fixed or is your better half shoveling?

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