01-06-2014 Journal Entry–The New Ice Age   3 comments

It’s been another interesting few days. My favorite schizophrenic bitch, Mother Nature, has returned with a vengeance once again. Maine is already well known as being a weather nightmare with constantly changing conditions but it seems to have gotten a bit worse in recent months. Let me explain just a bit.

Four days ago we were in the midst of a blizzard and over the course of a week we received approximately 3- 4 feet of snow. The snow was bad enough but then the temperatures dipped to a really tropical -25° and it wasn’t pretty. I’m not even taking into consideration the wind-chill factor at the time which took the “feel like” temps even lower.

I’ve said on many occasions that I love winter and I love snow but OMG this has been ridiculous. Fortunately those of us living in Maine are normally well prepared for cold weather more than many other places in the country. That being said it’s still difficult to function outdoors during subzero weather regardless of how prepared you think you are.

We waited for a few days for the weather to break and for temperatures to rise to a reasonable level but yet again Mother Nature had other plans. The temperature did rise into the mid 30s which was a relief for everyone because the worry of frozen water pipes finally disappeared. I rolled out of bed as I normally do the next morning and thought I was dreaming. It was raining so hard I thought I was imagining things but I wasn’t. As the rain continued for almost a full day it began to melt the snow and the combination of the two water sources brought an immediate rash of flash flood warnings. Just what we needed to keep things interesting.

After all that, last night after the rain stopped, I walked out of my garage and found my driveway to be suitable for a professional hockey game.  All that water and slush had frozen solid and was as hard as concrete. It was then I decided to listen to the experts and I returned to the house, closed the door, turned up the heat and turned on the television.  Thank God for our electric blanket is all I can say. I found myself over the last few days spending a lot of time in bed watching TV because it’s the only place in the house that was warm and comfortable enough.

The recent forecasts indicate little or no relief in sight which is the last thing any of us wanted to hear. We’re certainly not alone since most of the country is suffering from similar weather conditions or worse.  It’s time to dig into the closet and find those ugly old long-johns, wool socks, and knit caps.  There’s nothing more attractive and sexy than climbing into bed with your better-half wearing everything including a parka with a big furry hood and insulated gloves.  That’s a centerfold picture no one wants to see.

The wind is howling outside the window as I’m writing and we’re all waiting patiently for the next surprise from good old Mother Nature.  Maybe locust!  Stay safe and stay warm and welcome to the new Ice Age.

P.S.  Bye the way, here’s a big one finger salute to all of you “Global Warning” idiots.

3 responses to “01-06-2014 Journal Entry–The New Ice Age

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  1. Yikes! It’s been bad in a lot of places, but compared to Jersey, Maine’s definitely suffering more. I hope we all get a break. Subzero temps are painful…literally. =/

  2. You gotta love Maine,,,,or you wouldn’t live there!

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