01-19-2014 Journal Entry–More Snow!   Leave a comment

Well the weekend has passed without much of interest to talk about.  I have to tell you though that taking Sundays off from my life is something I recommend highly for anyone to try.  No exercising, no blogging and no dieting. As always I remind you that Sunday as a day of rest for me is not a religious leftover from my childhood.  It just happens to fit into my strangely scheduled current  lifestyle.

We had another eight inches of snow through the night which meant I was to spend at least a half hour with my favorite motorized friend, the snowblower.  The snow was wet and heavy and a real pain in the ass to deal with.  I did it quickly so my better-half could access the outside world and then I returned to my day-off.  I snapped a few pictures around the house of this storm because the snow was sticking to everything and made for some interesting photos.




The weather has warmed a little which brings out the visiting birds in large numbers.  We feed them regularly but in frigid weather they become scarce. Since we live in a forested area we have three or four generations of woodpeckers that stay with us all winter.  We place suet out for them because they’re the most successful in pecking it apart when it’s frozen.


They’ve been flying in and out in shifts so often they’re averaging one suet container a week.  It apparently keeps them healthy and makes living through the winter months a little easier.

I then decided to leave the warm bosom of my house to explore the neighboring area for a few photo’s of the snow scenes.  Here are three that should give you a better idea about what Maine is like in winter.




It’s now Monday morning and I’m back on the treadmill for a mile or two of good heath and exhaustion.  The better-half’s loving the new slimmer me but I think it’s just her way of motivating me a little more.  Either way  it’s a win/win.

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