01-28-2014. Journal Entry – Cemetery Visits   2 comments

I thought today I’d show you a few photographs I took during my travels yesterday. Even though it’s winter and freezing cold with snow piled just about everywhere, I needed to get away from the house for a few hours. I reverted to my old habits, took my camera, and began my search for some old cemeteries.


“A cold and wintery resting place.”

One of the things I like best about living in New England is the number of ancient cemeteries that are scattered throughout almost every community. It seems that every large family back in the 1600’s that owned property maintained a private cemetery for their family members. Almost all of them have survived but most are difficult to visit since they’re away from public roads and on private property.


“This shows how old the cemetery really  is. These folks were buried here before those trees existed.”

I became quite the cemetery visitor when I lived in southern Massachusetts back in the 1980s. My ex-wife and I owned a small gift shop and as part of that business I painted landscapes of local cemeteries and sold them in the shop. For a time I could be found creeping around the older of the cemeteries with a supply of T-shirts to stretch over tombstones to do gravestone rubbings.  A great many people thought the idea of owning a T-shirt with their family name on it was edgy and cool.  They sold like hot cakes.  On one occasion I was visited by the local police in a cemetery where they questioned me as to my activities.  Fortunately I was able to explain things to them and avoided arrest. Within a week I had supplied one of those officers with his own personalized shirt and was never bothered again.


“The day was too bright and made the names difficult to capture.”

I just love cemeteries, the older the better.  It’s a quiet and serene place to spend a hour relaxing and reading old epithets.  Yesterday I found a few within a short drive from my home that were accessible and not covered in snow. 


“I tweaked this photo with software but still couldn’t get the names readable.”

I can’t wait for the return of Spring and Summer weather so I can search out a few more of the isolated graveyards and add their photo’s to my collection.

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  1. Do you think they are cold?

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