01-08-2015 Journal – Cold Weather & Colder Wine   Leave a comment

I love cold weather but this is getting ridiculous.  My better-half also likes the temperature in the house kept around 65 degrees but even she’s spending more time in the bedroom wrapped in that wonderful electric blanket of ours. We’ve been in the single digits for the last two days and below zero today with wind chills bordering on dangerous and even life threatening.

I may look a little silly wandering around the house at the end of a fifty foot extension cord but I don’t really care. There are certain male body parts that demand warmth and I’m making sure they get it. So what if I have a heating pad stuffed down my sweat pants and who really cares about that stupid looking orange extension cord.  I have my priorities set and no one will convince me otherwise.

Trying to stay busy and warm brought me to my next task.  I’ve had three gallons of dandelion wine sitting in the man-cave for almost six months.  After four months it was still a little too cloudy which required me to take emergency measures to clear it.  There’s a product called Sparkloid that is nothing more than very fine clay dust.  It’s mixed with water and brought to a boil for twenty minutes or so. Then each gallon jug receives a portion of that mix and is  left to settle for a few weeks. It worked like a charm because I now have three gallons of a crystal clear golden liquid the exact color of dandelion blossoms.


After doing a little repair work to my wine racks I began the siphoning and bottling process.  My final tally was thirteen bottles of a beautiful wine that actually tastes a little like a Chardonnay but a bit sweeter.


I boiled the corks in clean water and corked each bottle. I put a nice golden cap on each and they’re now reading for storage in the wine rack.  As you can see from the photos there are thirteen bottles and a small jar of wine.  That small jar I’ll be drinking with my dinner tonight.  I want it chilled until it’s close to freezing and then I’ll sip it slowly and savor the flavor.  I’ve made dandelion wine a number of times over the years but I think this might be my best batch ever.  It’s always a pain in the butt to make dandelion wine because it takes forever to pick and prepare the blossoms. They must be cleaned of all pieces of leaves and debris and then frozen for a week or so.  The freezing helps to breakdown the blossoms and convinces them to give up their beautiful color when they’re finally put in with the yeast.

This coming summer will be an interesting time for me because I fully intend to go outside the box with my winemaking projects.  I want to make a few batches from ingredients that are not normally used for wine making but trying to do something never done before can be difficult.  I look forward to the challenge and hopefully the results will be a few bottles of a really unique wine.

B r r r r !!!

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