01-06-2015 Journal–Winter Cleaning   Leave a comment

After having a couple of weeks of beautiful sunny and moderately warm weather, the fun is apparently over. These last few days have brought winter back to us with a freaking vengeance. It started two days ago with just four or five inches of snow which living in Maine isn’t all that much.  Then came the freezing rain which put down a sheet of ice on top of the snow.  Then it decided to just rain for a while to make things even worse.

I was so thrilled to be able to pay some much needed attention to my poor lonely snowblower. Everything was fine until the cold air arrived from somewhere near the arctic circle. For the last twenty-four hours the temperature continued to drop with wind chills ending up well below zero.  They say, those dumb ass weather people, that it will continue for another day and will warm up just in time for the first of two snowstorms working their way towards us.  Hooray for me! Couple that with my soon to be experienced colonoscopy and 2015 is already not my most favorite year. I could say it’s becoming a real pain in the ass but that pun’s even too corny for the likes of me.

Since all of the snow, sleet and rain have eliminated any possibility of my starting a forest fire I made the decision to clean out my workshop and to have a cute little bonfire to get rid of the wood scraps.  I figured even this stupid town we live in wouldn’t attempt to arrest me for failing to obtain a burning permit. That’s just another one of those small fine-print freedoms we’ve lost somewhere along the way.  The job was done and the fire was very satisfying for some unknown reason, maybe because I got one over on the town government.  Now I can start my bathroom remodel and have enough room left in the workshop to actually do it.


‘’Early Spring Cleaning’


‘Burn Baby Burn’

As I mentioned a week ago my better-half and I decided that we’d make further use of the former Christmas tree throughout this entire new year.  We put Christmas to bed this week and packed away all of the decorations for another year. We’ve been slowly collecting appropriate decorations for the next celebration which is the Super Bowl. Unfortunately the Steelers (our favorite team) have been eliminated from the playoffs this year but they’ll be properly honored on our Super Bowl tree.  After that’s over we can then plan our decoration of the Valentine’s Day tree.

I’ll be supplying photos of these trees as they happen and yes I know it sounds a little crazy. I’ve always been a big fan of crazy especially outside-the-box crazy.   It’s time to turn this year around after a suspiciously sucky start.

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