02-19-2015 Journal – Snow Rage!   Leave a comment

For years we’ve all been seeing and hearing about the numerous incidents of road rage that seem to occur daily somewhere in this country.  There are shootings, stabbings, fist fights, and worse reported. Over the years I’ve had two memorable road rage incidents where I was once the aggressor and once the victim. I’m not proud of my actions but for some reason throwing the finger just wasn’t enough at those times. I can understand how those incidents can quickly become hostile and extremely dangerous.  I once had an older gray haired women do her very best to run me off the road into some guard rails with her big Cadillac sedan. I never even received the obligatory one finger salute before she tried to kill me.

Living in Maine for all these years has made me aware of a local problem somewhat similar to road rage but not quite as serious.  In Maine we have Snow Rage.  With all the snow the northeast has been receiving this year many people in the surrounding states are seeing and experienced it for the first time.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been buried in serious amounts of snow and as I cruise around I find myself witnessing many snow rage incidents.  I recently saw a little old man shoveling his driveway entrance after the snow plow almost buried him.  I couldn’t hear exactly what he was yelling but along with the one finger salute was quite the string of obscenities.

In a nearby town the streets are clogged with snow to the point of insanity. I watched a guy snow blowing large amounts of snow from his driveway back into the city street. With no place to put it he really had no other choice. Unfortunately he failed to see a passing motorist who was pelted with a huge stream of dirty snow across his windshield.  There was a considerable amount of yelling and screaming but as they talked the motorist must have felt a little sympathy for the plight of the home owner.  They shook hands and went on about their business. Violence was avoided by their agreement that there was too much damn snow, that snow plow drivers suck, and the town isn’t getting the streets cleaned like it should.  No guns were pulled or punches thrown as you usually see in some road rage incidents.

I see and hear many innocent and loud discussions taking place in parking lots all over the area but never any real violence.  We’re all being victimized by good old Mother Nature and regardless of how much we bitch and complain she just doesn’t care. Living in Maine can be trying at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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