11-20-2015 Journal–More Pre-Christmas Shopping!   Leave a comment

I’m posting a little later than I like today. I was stolen away by my better-half for a day of errands and Christmas shopping.  I wasn’t thrilled but I’m trying to work on improving my Christmas spirit  this year so I’ve been smiling and nodding a lot. That was my first mistake.

For those of you unfamiliar with Maine the “Holy Land” of shopping is the town of Freeport located approximately 10 miles north of Portland along the coast. It’s a small town composed primarily of an endless supply of outlet stores from damn near every retailer you can name.  It’s always been a tradition for us and most Mainers to do some of our Christmas shopping there and to spend more than a little time doing it.

This year was the first time we’ve actually gone to Freeport before Thanksgiving and Black Friday (Thank God).  The stores weren’t too crowded and finding parking was a snap for a change.  Our first stop was my favorite place called Mexicali Blues.  It’s actually a modern day version of what once was  considered a “head shop” minus the bongs and roach clips. 


If you like extremely bright colors and off-the-wall apparel, this is the place.  I never miss a chance to visit and I always buy something interesting. Today I picked up a few wild and crazy stocking stuffers for some of the family members.  I just love the place.


Smoke a fat doobie, sit on the sofa, and contemplate on this bird. That’s sure to get your head and your Christmas season kick-started.  If you choose to do that I’d recommend a huge bag of Lays wavy potato chips and lots of wine.

Another stop that is always mandatory in Freeport is a visit to L.L. Bean.  The crowds were small and the better-half was able to take her time (like always) and buy a few small things for the family. 


I waited until the appropriate time to start complaining.  I was hungry, I needed coffee, my feet hurt, and anything else I could think of.  Being subtle with the better-half is a losing battle. I just have to blurt things out until she gets tired of hearing me. Sometimes it takes a while but it always works eventually. 

We made it home in record time and I was able to put anther day of shopping hell behind me. I guarantee you I’ll be hiding for the rest of the holiday season in places the better-half won’t look.  Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

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