12-02-2015 Journal–My Christmas Wish!   Leave a comment

I realized this morning that my Christmas spirit is a little different this year. In years past I’ve been identified by many people who care about me as being a bit of a Grinch. In other years they’ve considered me jolly and fun to have around in the holidays. Which is it this year?

I feel like I have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on when it comes to Christmas.  Most of the time my feelings for the holidays can go either way depending on who annoys me and who doesn’t.  I have such mixed feelings about the whole Christmas deal it’s difficult at times for me to celebrate much of anything.

While I myself am not all that religious, most of my best Christmas memories come from a childhood where religion was a huge part of the celebration. I’ve  pretty much given up on it ever being a religious holiday again because over the years it’s morphed into much more of a secular celebration where buying and receiving gifts is everything.

I’ve been forced to reevaluate my entire Christmas experience this year with a new attitude. I’ve decided to be the best damn consumer I can be and spend money a little more freely than usual.  Without the cloud of religion things become instantly clearer.  Be nice to everyone, spend a lot of money, and make it about the kids and not much else. At least the emotions I’ll see on their little faces will be genuine and that’s as good as it gets anytime.  Finding anything genuine at Christmas these days is almost as rare as finding a few honest men.


So bring on the kids and hopefully some of their legitimate Christmas spirit will rub off on all of the cynical types like me.  That’s my Christmas wish for this year.


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