1-11-2016 Journal – Sunshine, Snow, Rain!   Leave a comment

What a strange few weeks it’s been once again. Another weather related fiasco to thoroughly screw up our anticipated cold and snowy winter.  First we had warm weather through most of November and December, then two weeks of really cold weather with an 8 inch snowfall, and finally three and a half inches of rain this week  This photo was taken yesterday as our backyard quickly filled up with more than three and a half feet of water on top of the snow. 


I should be thanking my lucky stars that this rainstorm was not snow. If it had been there’d be more than three feet of snow to deal with.  I guess just this once I can be happy with the weather forecasters being correct.  This morning I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to check the water level and this is what I saw.


All of the snow from the last storm had been thoroughly washed away but the snow that had been underwater through the night remained intact. It really doesn’t mean much but I thought it was kind of interesting.

With all of this rain I’m once again stuck in the house where I’m trying to keep busy with projects.  Most of the Christmas paraphernalia has been sorted through, repackaged into containers, and returned to the attic for another year.  Fortunately my better-half was able to fill quite a few boxes with items either damaged or out of date.  Each year we’re slowly but surely weeding out the useless stuff giving her more room to store more new useless stuff. It’s what I call her “Circle of Life".


I began sorting through my Christmas gifts which were all pretty cool but yesterday I found some that were outstanding. Two of our friends who love making homemade foods like we do gave us some of their samples.  We received four jars  with some truly interesting flavors. I’m always preaching about doing things outside-the-box and they did it in a big way. There was Hot Tamale Apple Wedges, Orange/Blueberry jam, Strawberry Vanilla jam, and best of all for me Zucchini/Habanero jam.


I love all things hot and have experimented a few times in making jams with some elevated heat levels. My best efforts couldn’t come close to matching up to that Zucchini/Habanero jam. I ate 1/3 of the jar on two toasted English muffins and it was the best damn hot jam I’ve ever eaten.  Our friends have definitely motivated me to try again and I will.  I’ll certainly need something to give them next Christmas and I want it to be as good as I can make it.

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