05-06-2016 Journal–Cinco De Mayo!   Leave a comment

I’m lying in bed this morning going through my normal morning ritual.  What better way to start your day than enjoying a couple of episodes of The Soprano’s.  I’m watching the scene where they buried Tony’s mother with all of the family smoking dope and snorting cocaine.  Not really much like my own family (Thank God) but it’s still fun to watch.

I’m moving a little slower than usual due in part to our Cinco De Mayo celebration last night. We wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible so we made an earlier than usual appearance at out favorite Mexican establishment, Casa Fiesta. I decided a margarita was in order so I ordered the biggest one I could find. Here it is in all it’s glory. It was one delicious drink but the three episodes of brain-freeze I could have done without.


‘It was just as big as it looks.’

The better-half was in her glory as well when she discovered they had Pacifico beer on-tap.  That’s as happy as I’ve seen her since the start of our current weight loss program.  I had a sampler platter with all of the Mexican specialties we’ve come to know and love. The food was great and the habanero Verde sauce was delicious and brutally hot.


‘Delicious, with third degree burns of the tongue.’

We left with habanero on our breath and a distinct glow from the margaritas and Pacifico beers.  All in all a rather enjoyable night. Maybe next year will be able to celebrate a little more boisterously with some of our friends.


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