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05-20-2016 Journal – Hot Stuff!   Leave a comment


Before I get started today I need to make a declaration. I LOVE HOT PEPPERS!  It’s my opinion that almost everything is improved if you can make it hotter.  I make a lot of salsa’s and chili’s and have upwards of six really excellent recipes using an assortment of hot peppers.  I grow some of my own when possible and I’ll buy from almost any source when certain peppers aren’t available locally. 

I received some bad news a few days ago concerning an ex-loved one who passed away.  I was feeling a little blue after receiving the news. My better-half suggested we go out for dinner and where better than a Mexican restaurant to look for therapy.  We’ve been visiting this restaurant for years and we knew the food would be excellent. Not only could I people watch for a while but I could also eat all of the  smoking hot food I could handle.  A proper atmosphere to rid myself of the blues.


I’ve told you all of these boring facts about myself so you’ll understand the rest of this story.  As we waited for our food to arrive a new bartender appeared and began chatting with everyone.  He and I got into a friendly discussion about our love of hot food  when he surprised me.  He pulled a large jar from under the bar that was filled with tequila. Floating in the the tequila was an assortment of hot peppers, habanero’s, Serrano’s, and jalapeño’s.  The tequila had been soaking up all of that lovely flavor and hotness for a week. He dared me to try his latest creation, the “Hot Pepper Margarita”.  I couldn’t refuse and look like a coward so I took a long pull on the straw after salting my tongue and lips.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term “taking ones breath away”. That’s exactly what that margarita did.  It was a little sweet and hot enough to make me gasp. It was freaking delicious.  Little did I know that I was first customer dumb enough to try it.  I was so dumb in fact I tried it again and again.  My head was sweating, my mouth was burning, and I was in heaven.

Now you know why I have this mother-of-all hangovers this morning.  I stumbled into the kitchen last night around 3:00am badly in need of a glass or two of cold water.  The water was so cooling and delicious but tasted strangely familiar . . . just like jalapeños. I’m now on my third cup of coffee as I sit here writing this and it too tastes just like jalapeños.


Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m not complaining in the least.  I can’t wait to get back on my feet and do it all over again . . . in a week or two.

I’m going out later  today to make a few purchases of my own.  Two bottles of tequila, habanero peppers, Serrano peppers, and a few jalapeño peppers. I’ll be making my own hot pepper infusion to serve a perfect  Hot Pepper Margarita to any of our summer visitors.


05-06-2016 Journal–Cinco De Mayo!   Leave a comment

I’m lying in bed this morning going through my normal morning ritual.  What better way to start your day than enjoying a couple of episodes of The Soprano’s.  I’m watching the scene where they buried Tony’s mother with all of the family smoking dope and snorting cocaine.  Not really much like my own family (Thank God) but it’s still fun to watch.

I’m moving a little slower than usual due in part to our Cinco De Mayo celebration last night. We wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible so we made an earlier than usual appearance at out favorite Mexican establishment, Casa Fiesta. I decided a margarita was in order so I ordered the biggest one I could find. Here it is in all it’s glory. It was one delicious drink but the three episodes of brain-freeze I could have done without.


‘It was just as big as it looks.’

The better-half was in her glory as well when she discovered they had Pacifico beer on-tap.  That’s as happy as I’ve seen her since the start of our current weight loss program.  I had a sampler platter with all of the Mexican specialties we’ve come to know and love. The food was great and the habanero Verde sauce was delicious and brutally hot.


‘Delicious, with third degree burns of the tongue.’

We left with habanero on our breath and a distinct glow from the margaritas and Pacifico beers.  All in all a rather enjoyable night. Maybe next year will be able to celebrate a little more boisterously with some of our friends.


09-29-2015 Journal– “Hola, Como estas"   Leave a comment

As you can see I’m feeling a bit Mexican today.  Living in Maine has it’s advantages and I’ve listed them many times before.  Unfortunately for those of us who love Mexican food the restaurants in Maine have always left us unsatisfied. Most of the current restaurants that claim to serve Mexican food insist on Americanizing it by cutting back on the heat.  The result is a food that’s pretty to look at but has no zing. You know it’s a bad thing when you’re required to sneak in with a bottle of hot sauce to get the heat to a proper Mexican level.

We’ve been visiting on a semi-regular basis a restaurant that’s only been around a couple of years.  The food has gotten progressively better as time has gone on which makes us very happy.  I’ve eaten good old down home Mexican food in small restaurants along the border in Texas and this place could be one of them.


Yesterday we wanted to enjoy a beautiful Fall day and while we were out we stopped at Casa Fiesta for lunch.  I was jonesing for some hot Mexican food and that’s exactly what we got.  First they delivered the always delicious nachos and salsa while we waited for our meal.  I consider myself a salsa aficionado and make three or four versions of my own on a regular basis.  This was without a doubt the best restaurant salsa I’ve had in many years. Super hot and super flavorful. 


We went through two baskets of nachos and two bowls of salsa. I could have eaten even more but I was forced to stop so I had room for the entre. I wanted a red wine with the meal and they offered a nice selection. I settled on a delicious Agua De Piedra from Argentina.  It was smooth and sweet and was perfect for the meal.  I’m not going to bore you with a lot of information that the wine snobs love so much like finish, color, oakiness, and all of that nonsense.  I like wine and make a lot of my own.  For me there are only three types of wine; Good, Bad, and So-S0. All of that other stuff has no meaning for me. If it tastes good . . . buy it. If it tastes Bad or So-So . . . don’t buy it. Easy peasy.


The meal arrived at the perfect time and was delicious. I feasted on mushroom quesadillas while my better-half had a steak fajita taco salad.  Does this look good or what?


I was full of excellent food and wine and my head was sweating like I had hoped it would be.  What more could I ask for. We left for home fat, dumb, and extremely happy.

Just so you know my burning mouth stayed with me all the way home. Perfect!

06-21-2015 Journal– Rain, Mexican Food, & Father’s Day!   Leave a comment

The rainy days continue here in Maine.  All the better for our gardens but a little annoying as well.  The better-half surprised me yesterday with an adlib Father’s Day celebration.  We’d leave the house early and look for a small out of the way place to have breakfast.  The only requirement was that the restaurant be small and some where we’d never been before.

This was the best scenery shot of the morning because it rained the entire time we were driving.


After driving along the coast to several small restaurants we were becoming frustrated.  In one restaurant there was not only a forty-five minute wait for a table but a half-hour wait to get into the stupid parking lot. We quickly decided that wasn’t the place we were looking for.

Twenty minutes later we cruised into the city of South Portland, just across the harbor from Portland.  As we turned a corner what did we stumbled onto but a Mexican restaurant called Taco Trio.  The entire town was barely awake and moving but this tiny little place was bustling with customers. 

After some discussion we both decided on a breakfast burrito with everything. The order arrived twenty minutes later at our tiny little table with two four pound burritos with everything in them. And I do mean everything!!  We had sides of freshly made tomato salsa, a pineapple and cilantro salsa, and enough hot sauce to float a boat. It was the best Father’s Day meal I’ve ever had and I suspect my mouth will still be burning in three more hours.


One last thing.  The war between me and all of Mother Nature’s critters has come to an end.  Rather than kill as many of them as possible I decided on a more peaceful solution.  Thanks to a nearby Lowes and three hours of hard work I was able to fence in my garden frames.  It’s been two days  now and there’ve been no further middle of the night raids.  Here’s a couple of photo’s of the new setup.


For the first time in my life I was able to get the upper hand on Mother Nature.  I hope my late father is up there watching.  He was never able to win using electric fencing, human hair, guns, and any thing else he could think of.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD – We finally won one.

06-15-2014 Journal Entry–Father’s Day!   Leave a comment

Another Father’s Day has come and gone.  It  was great day primarily due to my better-half.  I was able to spend an hour or so early in the AM finishing my project for my man-cave.  It’s now complete and after drying for one more day it’ll be moved into the cave once and for all.


“The Finished Product”

We initially decided to fire up the grill for a meal of corn-on-the-cob, steaks, and a fresh garden salad.  The garden is growing so fast that I actually ate my first radishes yesterday.  Take a look.



All of the recent rainfall has accelerated the growth of almost everything.  I especially love the bright green colors and the lushness of the garden at this time of the year. 

Now, let’s get back to my Father’s Day celebration.  My better-half and I after a few cold and refreshing alcoholic beverages decided to cancel the home cooked meal and head for Old Orchard Beach, a local tourist trap and amusement park.  She was in deep withdrawal due to a lack of greasy chicken wings and I was looking forward to some good old amusement park junk food.  To hell with the weight loss program for this night.



The place wasn’t overly crowded but the tourists had definitely arrived in force.  People watching in the park and a walk along the beach gave me my first “big butt” beach picture of the season.


I was really hungry so as the better-half waited for her chicken wing order at the Chinese hole-in-the-wall I discovered a new entry into the food competition right next door. Lo and behold a Mexican food stand had magically appeared and I was drawn to it like a gigantic black bean craving magnet.  My black bean and rice addiction kicked in and I was hooked.


Three tacos covered with jalapeno vinaigrette and hot sauce were just what the doctor ordered.  I threw in a fresh fruit cup for good measure and to help ease my guilty diet-conscience.  The food was excellent and fresh but suffered from tourist pricing.  No big surprise there.



Not too bad for amusement park food.  We snapped a few pictures and did some window shopping and people watching.   All in all it was a great night filled with good food and better company.  Happy Father’s Day to me.  I saw this shirt and I almost bought it.  If it’s still there on my next trip I might be forced to make the purchase and regift it to a certain friend.


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