11/12/2021 Who Doesn’t Love Maine?   Leave a comment

I am a proud citizen of the great state of Maine. I’ve lived here now for 21 years and it’s even more interesting than you might think. As in every other state in the United States, Maine has its peculiarities. Some people may think they’re stupid and others might consider them quaint but that’s just an individual’s judgment call. The state of Maine has been around a long time and has many laws on the books that are absolutely ridiculous. Fortunately most of the ones I’m going to introduce you to now are not enforced. Thank god.

  • In Maine, it’s illegal to step out of an airplane once it’s in flight.
  • In Maine you will be fined if your holiday lights are left up any later than January 14.
  • In Augusta, it is illegal to walk down the street playing the violin.
  • In Freeport, don’t you dare “expectorate” out of any second story window.
  • In Wells, Maine, you may not place an advertisement in the cemetery.
  • In Maine, it is illegal to keep an armadillo as a pet.
  • In Waterville, it’s illegal to blow your nose in public.
  • In Portland, you better not use a feather duster to tickle under the chin of a woman.
  • In Rumford, it is illegal to bite a landlord under any circumstances.
  • In Portland, shoe laces must be tied when walking down the street.
  • In Hollowell, it is illegal to park your horse “up wind” on a windy day.
  • In South Berwick, it is illegal to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • In Waterboro, dog leashes may not be over 8 feet in length.

So much for their host of stupid laws, let’s look now at what some Mainers consider tourist attractions. Who am I to dispute these kind of crazy claims. If nothing else these tourist attractions are worth a few yucks.

  • Maine experiences the first sunrise in the US, you should go to Mars Hill, Cadillac Mountain, or Lubek to properly start your day..
  • Maine is the closest state to Africa.
  • A giant boot outside L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine is a size 400 (Extra Wide).
  • On US Route 1, 7 miles south of the intersection with US Route 2 in Houlton, you’ll find a tree decked out with pairs of hanging shoes.
  • The world’s largest Paul Bunyan statue is a roadside attraction in Bangor, Maine.
  • On Peaks Island, there is an entire museum devoted to umbrella covers.

Well, I think that’s enough excitement for me for a while. You should rush right out and make reservations to come to this glorious state next summer to seek out these incredibly silly tourist attractions. Having that much fun could be hazardous to your health.

Lobsters, Lighthouses, Scenic Shorelines, and one small Amusement Park


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