09/12/2022 “MORE ANONYMOUS SAYINGS”   Leave a comment

Yesterday I posted a list of sayings, and most were attributed to people who are or were once famous. The response to that posting was excellent leading me to try something a little different. Have you ever heard a friend or acquaintance say something that “stuck with you”, something funny or profound? Today’s list will be pearls of wisdom from the smartest person in the world, “Anonymous”. We never seem to realize just how smart that SOB can be.

  • A gossip tells things before you have a chance to tell them.
  • We expect our children to learn good table manners without ever seeing any.
  • The other night, while lying on the couch, I reviewed the high point of my life and fell asleep.
  • Imagination makes a man think he can run the business better than the boss.
  • He who peeps through a hole may see what will vex him.

  • Strange how much you’ve got to know before you know how little you know.
  • People are living longer now; they have too – who can afford to die?
  • Some people are easily entertained. All you have to do is sit down and listen to them.
  • Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.
  • Marriage is a wonderful institution. If it weren’t for marriage, husbands and wives would have to fight with perfect strangers.


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