11/07/2022 “Fads”   Leave a comment

What ever happened to all of those “pet rocks” that everyone loved? How about those fine-looking mood rings that were around for a time. Fads come and go and just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all, another bit of Fad strangeness comes along to baffle and amaze us. You might think our recent Fads are cool and awesome, but we are just the tip of the weird iceberg. So, grab your hula hoop and read on. It’s time to look at the past where our love for Fads originated.

1920 – Raccoon Coats

1924 – Flagpole Sitting

1939 – Goldfish Swallowing

1950 – Poodle Skirts

1955 – Coonskin Caps

1959 – Phone Booth Stuffing

1960 – Tie-dyed T-shirts

1970 – Platform Shoes

1973 – Puka Shells

1974 – Streaking

1975 – CB Radios

1976 – Pet Rocks

1980 – Rubik’s Cube

1982 – Smurfs

1983 – Cabbage Patch Kids

1993 – The Macarena

There’s the proof we’ve been looking for. The Fad gene goes all the way back to early cavemen. Did you honestly think that we really invented the “pet rock?” What will be next now that the “Spinner and Fidgit” fads has run out of gas. I hope the next one is a little more interesting.



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