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04-01-2015 Journal– A Mish-Mosh of Stuff!   Leave a comment

I suppose I could try and pull some lame April Fool’s joke but I won’t. I already got suckered once today on Facebook. Some moron sent an post that Tom Brady had announced his retirement from the Patriots. A-hole me immediately clicked to the site to read the news and got the big flashing screen with APRIL FOOL on it.  It still never feels good making an ass of yourself but you’d think by now I’d be considered a certified expert.

“Sap collections continue.’

We had a new baby arrive this week and on top of all that excitement I received a formal letter from my dentist to announce his retirement. Every thing seems to balance out no matter how stupid it is.  Life just continues rolling along and dragging us along as well.


‘Even the court houses allow their trees to be tapped by the locals.’

The flu and virus epidemics running rampant through the family continues apace.  All of the youngsters are over the worst of it but we adults are getting hammered hard.  We’re all hoping to be on the mend for Easter but who really knows.  Maybe grandson #1 will bring us another dose of something from that disease factory they call Day-Care.  I know it’s necessary for the kids to build a strong and healthy immune system by catching all of these viruses but c’mon.  My immune system has never been required to respond to so many different things in  my life.  If I survive all this nonsense I should have an immune system strong enough to make me bulletproof.


‘My favorite farm stop for spices, jellies, and home grown fruit.’

The sun is shining during the day but our nights remain below twenty degrees and I’m soooooooo tired of freezing my ass off.  I need some warm temps, open windows, and fresh air.  I took the grill out of mothballs yesterday and cooked our first burgers and sausages for 2015.  They tasted great and were cooked perfectly. I was a little worried that the tassel hat, parka, and gloves might make cooking a bit difficult.  What harm can a splash of hot grease do to my new gloves?

With the better-half working an evening shift I think I’ll be chilling a bottle of my pomegranate wine.  Then over to Amazon Prime for a movie or two and some total relaxation.

03-29-2015 Journal–The Baby Has Arrived!   1 comment

The waiting is finally over and we welcomed a new family member yesterday. A 10.4 pound little boy with mother and son doing fine.  I think now my better-half and I can finally get our lives  back to something close to normal again.

Between babysitting grandson #1, trips to care for their cats and dogs, and then visits to the hospital,  we’re both exhausted. We managed a decent nights sleep last night and are feeling much better today as is the mother. Since the birth required a C-section our little mother won’t be released until sometime Monday and I see another visit to the hospital in our immediate future today. We’ll try to keep her company for a few hours and to spend more time with grandson #2.

The better-half as always is already preparing for her numerous shopping forays to insure the little guy has everything he may possibly need and then some. That should keep her busy for a few years.  My only contribution to the little mother was the can of Guinness I managed to smuggle into the hospital.  After nine months of no beer I had a feeling it was high on her list of priorities. 

We should all have an interesting summer with the new addition to the family group and we’ll need all of our remaining energy to keep up with grandson #1 who’s  growing like a weed. The sibling rivalry took no more than two minutes to arrive when he was taken to visit his new little brother.  It’s going to get more interesting as time goes on and they’re in for many years of fun competition with each other.

I normally don’t have photographs of family members on this blog but in this case I’ll make an exception.  He ‘s too young to tell me not to and I’m too old to care anyway.  This one picture is worth a thousand words.


03-09-2015 Journal–Awaiting the Baby!   Leave a comment

The waiting has begun in earnest here.  The lives of my better-half and I are in slow-motion and will remain so for at least another week. Our grandson who just turned two and a half is only a week away from becoming someone’s big brother.  My better-half’s daughter came to visit two days ago and OMG is she ever pregnant. She’s a small and petit woman normally who appears to be carrying a child who’s as big as she is.

‘This was taken two months ago, so you can just imagine her current size.’

Her last few visits had me a little nervous to say the least. I sat patiently watching and waiting and expecting her to give birth right in my living room. She’s at that point in the pregnancy where she’s uncomfortable, tired, worn out, and ready for this nine month project to come to an end.  As are we all.

Fortunately the grandson has been kept in the loop throughout the pregnancy and as with other first born children appears excited about having a new sibling.  I also suspect that like many other first born children he isn’t at all prepared for the competition that is to follow.  For the rest of his life he’ll be one of two instead of THE ONE.  His life is about to change dramatically and forever.

Once the birthing process begins and she’s on her way to the hospital the little guy will be spending a few days with us until things have progressed to the point where he can meet his new brother or sister.  They’re keeping themselves and the rest of us in the dark as to the sex of the child for some inexplicable reason. I’m really looking  forward to the moment when he’s introduced to the new baby to see his reaction and to watch the bonding process begin. He’s fortunate to live in a time where this can happen under the best of circumstances rather than the way it was done in the past. 

Secretly I’ve been hoping for a girl but will be thrilled with either.  I’m not at all sure if being a big brother to a sister or a brother is preferable but we’ll find out soon enough. I’m just praying that everything goes well and the result is a healthy, happy baby, and mother.

The countdown continues.

10-11-2013   Leave a comment

I’m sleeping in a little today after the festivities of last night when our favorite and only grandson celebrated his first birthday. It wasn’t a huge party just a small group of family members to take a lot of photographs, eat some cake, and watch our newest member take his first steps into the world.

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending birthday parties such as this for a very long time.  As I recall the last time was decades ago when  my niece and nephew were new to the world.  Since his mother is a believer in traditional values the party was just as you might expect.  The star of the night was in fine form and hamming it up with everyone as soon as they arrived.  He was all smiles and attitude and I felt like he knew it was a special occasion of some sort but wasn’t quite sure what it was.  He knew he was receiving a lot of extra attention and really enjoyed himself.

Both of his grandmothers were there to coo over him as they’re supposed to do and he ate it up as usual.  All of the family pets were involved (2 dogs and 2 cats) and were running around, having a great time, and enjoying the excitement like everyone else.

Then it was time for gifts as we sat around and watched him unwrap a gift, play with it for a moment, and then go for the wrapping paper.  He enjoyed the stupid paper as much as the gifts.  He was quite taken by a huge bag of foam blocks that he immediately dove into and began to play with.  He’s either going to be some sort of engineer or possibly a Lego salesman.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The highlight of the night for me was the cake presentation.  His Mom baked him a small green cake that he was expected to demolish and OMG did he ever.  In one short minute the cake was man-handled, smashed, and smeared over anyone daring to get too close.  Once he realized he could destroy it, he did so.  His face, hands, arms, eyes, were covered as he shoveled it into his mouth with both hands.  He was also nice enough to feed a good portion to the two dogs who were hovering around waiting for some.  He was a real mess and I’ve saved plenty of photo’s to prove it.  I’m looking forward to the day a few years down the road when I can show them to him.

He finally was dumped unceremoniously into the bathtub and scrubbed clean by an assortment of volunteers.  He was dressed in his new fancy PJ’s and settled in for his final bottle of milk for the day.  All in all quite a successful first birthday party.  I hope the rest of them as just as festive and filled with people who love him. 

What more can a person ask.

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