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08-22-2015 Journal – Religion from a Infidel’s Perspective!   Leave a comment


Every so often I read or hear something that sets my teeth on edge. In recent years it’s been this constant drumbeat of hatred between the global religions. If you’re one of those people who can’t abide religious criticism, I suggest you stop reading now. It’s not that I mind offending you because I don’t . . . it’s just a courtesy and fair warning.  I’m sick to death of hearing about Islam, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and the numerous Christian sects. How long can the human race on this planet continue to sit back and allow themselves to be manipulated as they’re convinced by organized religions to commit the most heinous crimes you can imagine?  

I’d hate to guess how many people have died over the centuries in the defense of religion and their ingrained  hatred of everyone else’s.  From the Crusades, to Northern Ireland, to the Middle East, and beyond. The total number of deaths is almost unimaginable. Every religion that has ever existed has their own set of commandments to live by and all of them seem to agree that murder is a big no-no until it involves another religion. Then they get some special dispensation from some insane religious leader, grab their weapons, and off they go to murder and butcher anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Yeah, that really makes me want to become religious.

If being stupid and brainwashed is a requirement for me to be considered a religious person you can just forget it! So a big hats-off to all those devoted Christians who can’t even agree amongst themselves, to the Muslim religion who suffers from the same affliction, and the Jews who aren’t much better. Even the Buddhists piss me off when they claim to want calm and peace in the world, then set themselves on fire in protest of some stupid thing or another.  I’m not quite ready to sign up for that anytime soon either. Suicide is nuts regardless of the circumstances.

My own history with religion leaves much to be desired.  I apparently wasn’t a good Catholic boy when I was thrown out of catechism classes for reading a dirty magazine. I think it was an issue of Giant Boobs or something like that. My late mother and I fought for fifty years as she tried to coerce me back to that same church teaching the same old nonsense. Oh yeah, don’t forget to donate that 10% every year too, God really needs the money.  Still not gonna happen Mom!

Recently I took to wearing this T-shirt.  Everyone seems to be in such a big hurry these days to label others. He’s Jewish, she’s Catholic, he’s Protestant, and she’s an atheist.  In order to make life easier for those people I decided to wear my label proudly.  I’ve been called so many things over the years I just felt the need to clear up any confusion.


Many years ago I heard this quote on religion by Charles Caleb Cotton (1780–1832), an English cleric, and it stuck with me. Every time I find myself in a heated religious discussion with some fanatic I’d bring it out to enhance the discussion.

"Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it."

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I love history and looking back at this country’s politics. It’s my attempt to learn how the system could have deteriorated to where it is today. It doesn’t take a genius to watch and listen to today’s representatives and senators to identify the issues that are driving us crazy. Bad habits are usually a learned response and our current gang of politicians have learned their lessons well.  Many of these bad habits have been passed down over the years from one group of politicians to another and been finely tuned.

It seems obvious to me that there are three main priorities; money, re-election, and power.  They raise huge amounts of money to accomplish priority number one which in  turn helps them to  accomplish priority number two.  Once re-elected they can pursue their third priority, power, which they all seem to crave.  The fact that most of the money spent for reelections eventually works it’s way back into the hands of corporate America must must be a fortunate happenstance.  Yeah right!

One of my major criticisms is that they all seem to be concerned only with getting on TV first with a cutesy “sound bite” before their competitors. It doesn’t seem to faze them that they never have anything of consequence to say just ten second quips for those ever-present media cameras.

Since I agree whole-heartedly with this criticism I decided to determine exactly when and where it all started.  The use of campaign slogans began well before the current Media became so powerful and demanding.  Back in the day they reported what was occurring in the country in an unbiased fashion.  They weren’t involved in creating the news as they are today. The “straw that broke the camels back” for me was when big corporate American began buying up the most influential media organizations. The unbiased history of the Media was for the most part a thing of the past.  As I searched around I found the following campaign slogans in use going all the way back to 1840.  They started out cutesy and entertaining but slowly became hurtful and nasty at times.  This is just a small sampling of old and new irritating slogans that may have helped kick started the “sound bite” revolution.

Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too – 1840

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight – 1844

Equal Rights to All; Special Privileges to None – 1900

Stand Pat with McKinley – 1900

He Kept Us Out of War – 1916

Back to Normalcy – 1920

Keep  Cool With Coolidge – 1924

A Chicken in Every Pot; A Car in Every Garage – 1928

In Hoover We Trusted and Now We Are Busted – 1948

One Good Term Deserves Another – 1934

I’m Just Wild About Harry – 1948

To Err is Truman – 1948

Phooey on Dewey – 1948

I  Like Ike – 1952

I Still Like Ike – 1956

In Your Guts You Know He’s Nuts – 1964

Never Been Indicted – 1980

It’s the Economy, Stupid – 1992

Hope and Change – 2008

Apparently we citizens always were always suckers for “sound bites” even when they were just called “campaign slogans”.  Maybe it’s time we the voters change how we approach politics.  Maybe I’m an idiot if I really believe that’s even possible.  I’ve lost most of my faith in the American voter which requires me to remain even more skeptical and critical of anything remotely related to politics. 

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I’ve really been trying to keep the political ranting to a minimum since starting this new blog but January seems like a good month to relax and begin asking more uncomfortable questions that the Government would prefer not to answer.  I spent a year and a half attempting to spread the word to anyone who would listen about how dangerous the government has become and about Obama and the liberals in particular.  After seeing the results of the last election I realized I was trying to inform people of things they would rather ignore or deny. 

I  think our country is spiraling downward and will come to an ignominious end at some point in the future.  The comparisons to the Roman Empire are many and scary as hell.  I won’t get into the dirty little details because this blog posting will then be a little  too long for most people who these days require only “sound bites”.  I’ll no longer waste my time in trying enlightening anyone but I will continue to ask the questions I think need to be answered.

Being as old as I am, I figure I won’t alive long enough to see the anarchy boiling beneath the surface in this country explode . I know it’s there and God help the people who refuse to see it or choose to ignore it.  I’m going to ask you a few questions now and I don’t really expect any answers.  Just read them and think about them if your one of the few people left who still attempts to do that.

Why do you think smoking Pot is legal and widely accepted but smoking tobacco is treated like a criminal offense?

Why is it that you can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally?

Why can a seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher "cute" but hosting sexual exploration classes in grade schools is perfectly acceptable?

Why are children forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of "underprivileged" drug addicts are left to rot in filthy infested cesspools?

Why are hard working and successful citizens rewarded with higher taxes and Government intrusion, while improper and lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards (Food Stamps), WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing, and free cell phones?

Those were five questions no Liberals, Democrats, or Obama’s want to answer. Even sadder there are no Conservatives, no Republicans, and no Independents that will answer them either.  Here’s five more conundrums for you think and worry about.

Why is the government’s plan for getting people back to work to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work)?

Why is being self-sufficient considered a threat to the government?

Why do our politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the Constitution is really protecting the rights of the people?

Why is murder of any sort prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but hundreds of thousands of government sponsored abortions are overlooked?

Why is using the "N" word (by any non-black citizen) considered "hate speech" but writing and singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered an "art form"?

Now I’ve given you ten scenarios that are cause for any thinking individual to question this government and the politician hypocrites who are running it. Are you asking these questions of your local politicians?  I’d better hurry and finish my list before I become violently ill and have to stop.

Why do the rights of the Government come before the rights of the Individual?

Why is it possible for an 80 year old woman to be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched?

Why is being stripped of your ability to defend yourself making you "safer"?

Why is a parent’s signature required to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion?

Why are working class American’s  required to pay for their own health care (and the Health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the "State’s" dime while never being held accountable for their own bad choices?

I’ve ranted as much as I can on these subjects for years and to no avail. When the “inmates are running the asylum’” how much “Hope for Change” can we expect?

Thanks Mike.

11-26-2012   4 comments

First we had Black Friday and the week long barrage of advertisements that preceded it.  The bombardment was brutal as always and made it virtually impossible for me to comfortably watch TV, listen to the radio, or read my emails.  Spam was worse than usual on the net and there was just no let up.  Some time Friday afternoon I expected some relief when the end of Black Friday was in sight.  Wrong! Visiting a few stores during that week was a huge disappointment for me too.  In years past the Christmas holiday really didn’t take off until the weekend following Black Friday, but no more.  For example, Lowes was setting Christmas displays two weeks before Black Friday and  I can only assume they were following the example set by the Big Daddy retailer, Walmart.  I was already sick of the Christmas season in late September with their  slashed prices, great deals, giveaways, and enough coupons mailed to kill off a large forest. It was just plain stupid but I was certain it would soon decline in frequency.  Wrong again.

I wake up bright and early on Sunday and the barrage had changed focus.  It’s now the beginning of the ramp up to Cyber Monday.  I wonder what genius thought up that pain-in-the-ass promotion.  Chances are good it was a combination of people from  Best Buy, Apple, and of course Amazon.  My mail box was suddenly filled anew with another round of nonsense.  The old Circuit City brand that closed it’s retail establishments five years ago is now alive and well as an internet business and returned once more to bother me.  Prices were being  lowered again and again with the drumbeat continuing on both television and radio.  I was forced to abandon electronic media for a day or two and just sit quietly and read a good book. 

Monday arrived and again I was hoping for a reprieve from the advertising onslaught  with the end of the Cyber Monday debacle.  Wrong again.  Late Monday I began hearing a new phrase being bandied about, Cyber Week!  These effing people are relentless in their need to make most of us as miserable and brainwashed as possible. Maybe next year November can become Cyber Month and Christmas resets can begin in August. This country is on advertising overload and has been for quite some time.   I recall a time when cable TV was first introduced and they called it Pay TV.  We were assured that with the advent of cable we could watch television commercial-free for just a small monthly payment.  That claim lasted about a week before they began to clog the new cable airways with ads and began jacking up the monthly fee.   

I sat with a stop watch one evening earlier this year and decided to determine how much time was spent on actual TV programming.  In a standard one half hour sitcom we’re being force-fed  approximately ten minutes of boring, annoying, and stupid advertisements.  That means for a two hour movie special we are fed forty minutes of ads.  It won’t be long before what used to be an hour special will become a three and a half hour advertising fiasco.  When will it end?  I think the answer to  that would be “Never”. 

We aren’t permitted any ad free  time to sit and think about anything but spend, spend, spend.  Walmart seems to be the trend setter in all things retail and it doesn’t take long for Target, Best Buy, and all of the others to follow suit.  Walmart is constantly in our face on TV and upon arrival at their stores you’ll find endless numbers of signs posted everywhere.  You enter the building and there are signs for the Donut Shop, Pharmacy, Bank, Eyeglasses, Beauty Shop and even Nail Salons.  The entire building is covered in signs for just about every product they carry.  Their latest and greatest devices to drive me crazy  are those little LCD screens located on end-caps that activate as you approach.  Another sales pitch for some bullshit useless product I didn’t want to begin with.  My first introduction to those little devices scared the crap out of me as I was walking along minding my own business and all of a sudden I have a female voice bellowing at  me  to buy some stupid product I really didn’t need.  Criminally annoying.

My rant is over for now.  The problem  with all of these advertisements is two fold.  First, they seem to work which gives the companies incentive to continue using them and second, it gives them the power to manipulate large numbers of the population to do their bidding.  As always my bitch about the Media in general is their constant attempts to control not only politics in this country but everything else as well.  If that doesn’t give you pause and scare you a little then we’ve already lost the battle.

I’m leaving now because I feel the need to scream and then run to Walmart and buy something stupid. Merry Effing Christmas!

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I really try never to be a person who uses class-warfare tactics like so many people in this country do today.  That puts me in a definite minority as reflected by Obama’s re-election.  Everyone claims to hate negative campaigning but those same people allow it to effect their vote.  People say they hate smooth talking, insincere politicians and then vote them back into office without a second thought. I’ve finally been forced to admit that people who feel as I do and live their lives as I do are losing the battle for this country.  I see Obama’s plan working as he probably knew it would. He’s a master manipulator and uses ethnic issues and race better than most KKK members.  I understand why the “have not’s” flock to his banner because of his divisive campaigning techniques that have  convinced a majority of the country that without his government they are doomed.  I suppose I’ll now be listed as a crank or someone who is no longer in touch with the rest of the country.  That’s a label I wear proudly and always will. You may find this interesting  so read on.

"The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."

It doesn’t take a genius to determine where this country currently is on this road-to-destruction list, is it? I’d say we’ve just crossed over into “Apathy to Dependence”.  Obama has steadily pushed, pulled, and manipulated the nation to the edge of this cliff and he’ll continues to push until we fall off. His next big challenge will be the rewriting of laws concerning term limits for the Presidency.  He will certainly attempt to stay in office as long as he possibly can. Add that together with increased dependence on the government, voter apathy, and a loss by the younger generations of pride in their country, and here we are.

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