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07-02-2016 Journal – The Holiday Weekend!   Leave a comment

I’m not one to become overly excited about holidays but the 4th of July has a little extra meaning for me. Not because it’s the nations birthday, which is important, but because it was the birthday of my favorite grandfather.  It’s the only day of the year that brings back in vivid detail the many memories that I have of him. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA and grandpa Jeff.

My better-half surprisingly started her vacation yesterday which will include the holiday weekend. Since the day was beautiful and sunny we once again took a day trip to Bridgeton, Maine located an hour east of our home. It’s located in the foothills of the White Mountains along the New Hampshire border. It’s a quaint small town filled with many interesting shops that we enjoy visiting.


Here are a few shots of the Maine street which was fairly busy with visitors. We hit our usual favorites to look for anything old and interesting. It’s always fun to people watch and roam around and not have to be concerned about the time.




If you like bells . . . they’ve got plenty.

It was very relaxing day but since we were starving we made a stop at Towanda’s Deli for a nosh. We relaxed at an outside table and had one of the freshest and most flavorful sandwiches we’ve had in a long while.


At the next table sat this handsome fellow. He lounged quietly with his owners and seemed to be enjoying his day as well. His name is “Russ” and what a sweet and friendly dog he is. He came over and said hello and goodbye as he and his family were leaving. An awesome dog.

Our drive home was pleasant and the day was a perfect start of our holiday weekend.


01-03-2016 Journal–Sunshine & Horses!   Leave a comment

With the holidays, the warm weather, and the snow storm behind us it’s time to move along into 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning when all of a sudden the clouds parted and the sun came out to play. It’s still as cold as hell but having that sunshine makes all the difference in the world.

It was time for my better-half and me to get our butts out of the house for a few hours.  We ran a few errands, did a little food shopping, and of course took a few pictures.  Winter pictures tend to be lackluster unless you have a monster storm of some sort.  We decided to take a cruise around the adjacent neighborhoods to check things out.  As you can see in this picture even some of the horses weren’t too happy with the cold which required getting their coats out of storage.


They all seemed glad to be out of the barn for a few hours and were pretty frisky.  This good looking fellow wanted to visit with me with the hopes that I had an apple, carrot, or sugar cube in my pocket. Unfortunately for him I had nothing with me. In the future I’ll be carrying a few things in the car so as not to disappoint our four legged friends again.


‘Where’s my snack, Jack?’


It felt good to get out into the fresh air for a while but we returned home to this scene near the house. I’ve been showing you photo’s of my garden all summer and it’s only fair to show you how sad it looks right now.





I think I just succeeded in depressing myself all over again.  Oh well, just five more months of winter (OMG) and things will be green and growing again. It’s going to be a very long, long, long, five months.  Now I do need a drink.

02-03-2015 Journal– A White & Pink February!   Leave a comment


Here is our driveway as of this morning. Another foot of snow yesterday is starting to become a bit much, even for Maine.  Unfortunately another storm is scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday but no guesses are being announced as to what the total accumulation will be.

I can once again say “adios” to my current mailbox. Those wonderful snowplower’s have struck once again costing me my third mailboxes in three years.  Those bastards!

My better-half and I made a two hour safari out into the snow just after the last storm passed by.  The following pictures bring the winter season here in Maine in focus.


‘This is a robust and productive apple orchard in Summer but it looks a bit forlorn now.’

One of the sports here in Maine that has always fascinated me is ice fishing. The lakes in Maine produce a myriad of ice fishing neighborhoods that survive until the Spring thaw.  Little shacks spring up giving all those adventurous fisherman and women a place to escape their families, bond with friends over a beer or two, and repeat those fishing stories to each other that one believes anyway.  I’ve visited many of them over the years but I can’t honestly remember ever seeing someone catch a fish.  I’m sure they do or at least I hope they do.  These were taken on the lake closest to our home.




‘It’s just a little too cold for me.’

We took a drive along the coast on our way home and stopped at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It’s our favorite haunts in the Summer when it’s packed with tourists and the amusement park is in full swing. It’s a little different now.


‘The party pier in winter.’


‘No bikini babes around here today.’

We’ll be forced to wait a few more months before we can start enjoying this area once again.

My posting for this Thursday will have to wait until I return home from  my colonoscopy.   I’ll catch a nap for a few hours and then post my hopefully good results from that experience.  I’ve decided that getting a colonoscopy at this time of the year is perfect timing.  If you’re going to be house bound because of the crappy weather you might as well let the doctors have their fun too.

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