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06-01-2016 Journal – A Shopping Safari!   1 comment


‘Honey, I think we  missed the turn to Home Goods.’

Well, it’s the first of June and I suppose this could be considered my first real Summer day. Unfortunately for me it’s not starting very well. Last night I was advised by my better-half that we’d be spending her day-off on another of her infamous shopping safaris.  Those shopping trips are bearable in the winter when you just want to get out of the house but not so much in Summer when it’s sunny and warm and you can hear the beach calling your name.

I can’t believe in all honesty that I’ll enjoy a day of driving from store to store and waiting in the car. Most of the stores she visits hold no interest for me and I’m truly honored to be permitted to sit in her car and wait for her.  I feel a lot like the natives on many of the early Tarzan movies. The great white hunter is strolling along carrying his rifle and a flask of brandy. I’m the last guy in line carrying the 300 pound backpack and silently cursing under my breath. 

She packs a purse and a credit card while I usually bring my favorite safari equipment. It consists of my cell phone so I can call for help if necessary, my Kindle to keep me from screaming out of boredom, and this IPad so I can write my posts for the blog about how used and abused I feel.

This is is some sort of weird ass-backward  payback for my taking her out to dinner last night. We visited a restaurant called Running of the Mill. It’s a nineteenth century textile mill that has been slowly converted into hundreds of condos, a restaurant, business offices, and an interior mall which is still in the planning stages. It’s directly adjacent to the Saco River and the nearby harbor. It’s very nice.


We had our meal on the terrace and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm breeze. The better-half ordered a slab of haddock as long as her arm and I enjoyed a huge club sandwich and fries. 


It was a really relaxing evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Why she’s paying me back with this shopping foray today is beyond me.  She probably thinks she’s doing a favor.

Right now I’m sitting in a Lowe’s parking lot while she spends an hour doing work schedules for her employees.  Little does she know that in mere moments I’ll be reclining this seat back and catching a well deserved nap.


08-08-2015 Journal – A Friday Seaside Lunch!   Leave a comment



Yesterday was an odd day. After my forty-five minute workout I completed what few chores I had scheduled, changed clothes, and was off to do some shopping.  At 11:30 I received a message from my better-half who’d just left work and was headed home. I no sooner stepped from my car than it was decided we’d be spending the next few hours exploring along the seacoast and looking for a restaurant. We were hoping for a place we’d never before visited. Our travels brought us to Cape Porpoise, Maine located in a small harbor near the Whale Island lighthouse. We’ve been in this area many times before but never had occasion to visit any of the three small restaurants located there.

I saw a sign, "The Ramp", with a walkway extending behind a larger restaurant down towards the water. It was a tiny Bar & Grill tucked behind and under the other restaurant.



It had a sports theme and the walls and ceilings were covered with memorabilia from just about everywhere. Football helmets, autographed pictures, political signs, basketball hoops, and a helleva lot more.  It was one of the coolest bars I’ve ever visited and I’ve been in a few.


We had a couple of drinks while we waited for our food and the place was packed with people. Fortunately for us we’d been seated just before the big Friday afternoon crowd arrived. The wait for a seat was close to forty minutes but nobody seemed to mind. You could lounge with a drink along the water waiting for your table.


I ordered a plate of Portuguese mussels that were without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. They were swimming in a broth of red chili’s, hot sausage, and herbs. My better-half had the crab cakes which she raved about for the rest of the day.


The beer was cold, the food delicious, and the help was better than expected considering how busy it was.  We found ourselves making plans to return to this little bistro before we’d finished our first beers.


‘The Whale Island lighthouse.’

This little place was one of the nicest surprises we’ve had in some time. We’ll be returning very soon to try a few more local brews and delicious food.  The meal was beautifully presented, delicious, and nicely priced. Our check not including the tip was $62.00 and believe me when I say it was money well spent.


‘You can’t get seafood much fresher than this. Right off the boat.’


If you’re ever in the vicinity you should stop by for a nosh. This is one of those hidden little treasures that’s mainly frequented by the locals who know a good thing when they have it.

7-13-2015 Journal–A Lazy Maine Day!   Leave a comment

It’s another week of our normal screwy summer weather to deal with.  We went from wearing hoodies and sweatpants on the Fourth of July to a period of sweltering heat and humidity.  There never seems to be any middle ground with the weather in Maine.  Just once I’d love to see a week with seventy degree weather with low humidity.

The better-half was scheduled to have one of those rare weekends where she  didn’t have to work. We always try to spend her days off doing something together but with her working, the grand children, and other obligations, it’s not as easy as it once was. Since we really enjoy our road trips we decided to go exploring for the day.  The best way to start any day-off on any given summer Saturday is at the beach.

One of our favorite places is a small and cozy little restaurant in Old Orchard Beach located about fifty yards from the water.  It’s normally crowded with tourists and beach folk which makes people watching a lot of fun.  The meals are always good but not great. The coffee is always great but not excellent. The waitresses are unusual with a hottie or two thrown in for good measure. It helps to have some one nice to look at when your eating their mediocre food.

We then made our way inland towards Naples, Maine which sits along the shore of Sebago Lake. It was a beautiful day and the place was packed with tourists. It was too crowded for our liking so we continued on to the small town of Bridgeton, Maine.  This is more like a village, off the beaten path, loaded with many small antique shops, and art galleries.  The people are always friendly, the prices are always reasonable, and the general store is outrageous.


We both made a few ridiculous purchases and hopped from place to place where the air conditioners were working.  It was one of those rare Maine days when the temperatures remained above ninety for most of the day and the sun was brutal.

We left Bridgton and decided to get lost for a while.  With all of the lakes in this area it’s easy to lose your sense of direction as the roads wind in and around them. We became lost enough where I felt it necessary to plug in the GPS unit to help us find our way home. How did we ever survive all those years without GPS? After another hour we finally arrived home sweaty and tired.  The house was unbearably hot requiring us to turn on every ceiling fan in the place.  It was like sitting on the runway at a airport.  It cooled the house enough to make it bearable and we settled in for the night. Sleeping was a chore but we were tired enough to ignore the heat.

We  always have a fun day together when we have enough time to clear our heads from the normal every day rat-race. I’m looking forward to the next one already.

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