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Have you ever had something piss you off so bad that you felt a sharp, stabbing pain behind your eyes.  If you have then the following list will be perfect for you.  I love reading lists and also love writing them from time to time.   Most people are occasionally annoying but on their really bad days they make my list.  These items have started this Summer Season with a vengeance.

  • People who love to talk over me during a conversation make me want to scream.
  • The person in front of me at the 14 item express register checkout with fifty items in his cart and a bad attitude when confronted.
  • Waiting in my car at the ATM for fifteen minutes for some moron on foot makes a withdrawal.
  • The guy in the men’s room stall at Wal-mart who leaves the stall in a condition that some people (but not me) might call a real “shit hole”.
  • The attractive woman driving the gorgeous new Lexus who rolls down her window and spits a huge oyster into the passing lane. When you then look at her she resorts to giving you the dreaded “finger”.
  • People who will stand quietly in line at a movie theatre but can’t shut up once the movie starts.
  • People who have something important to tell me and then send me a four word text.
  • People who are “close talkers” with chronic “stench” breath who won’t stop talking.
  • Waiting endlessly in a register line for a customer to be trained in the use of their debit card by the cashier.
  • People who insist on telling me their child is an honor student in some BS school with a freaking bumper sticker.

I feel much better now that I’ve gotten all of these off my chest.  It’s a very cathartic experience to say the least and just might keep me from hurting myself and others. 

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  1. I was trying to hear you recite your list but someone was talking over you! Was that me????

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