12-26-2013. Journal Entry – The After Christmas Blah’s   2 comments

We’ve spent most of the last two months preparing for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since it was the first holiday season where the grandson was aware of what was going on, we went a little overboard with gifts and preparations.

On top of all of that my fiasco with this broken leg made everything that much more difficult and put more pressure on my better-half. We survived the insanity we created but just barely.  I’m really hoping that next year we can learn from our mistakes and move forward just a little bit smarter. It’s hard not getting caught up in the excitement caused by having a young child in the mix because the holidays are more for him than the rest of us.

The let down with Christmas being over is unbelievable. The better-half has fallen into a post Christmas comma. She’s been sleeping for most of the day today just trying to rest and regain some normalcy.  I haven’t done much better myself. I’m slowly recovering but I’m like a effing zombie today.  I’m drinking a lot of coffee because my energy level is non-existent and all of my motivation to do anything else has evaporated.

We have New Year’s coming soon and thank God we don’t celebrate that holiday like these others. Two of our Christmas guests are now enroute to the Big Apple for the ultimate Times Square New Year’s Eve experience. They must be out of there freaking minds. My better half and I both get claustrophobic in a room with no more than 10 people, I can’t imagine rubbing elbows with millions of people in Times Square. That would scare the bejesus out of us both.

I’m hoping that our quiet time will continue for at least two more days where we can kick back, relax and enjoy the snowy scenery.  I haven’t mentioned but we received another 4 1/2 inches of snow over the last 24 hours. It’s one of the times every winter that I enjoy the most, having a cover of fresh white snow over all the slush and dirt. These pictures were taken earlier this morning and you can see what I’m talking about.



It’s about time for me to put this computer to bed so I can get  to what I’m really thinking about doing today, a long, warm and quiet nap. I’ll worry about New Year’s when it gets here.


2 responses to “12-26-2013. Journal Entry – The After Christmas Blah’s

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  1. There are 362 shopping days to Christmas! I can’t believe you were once in retail and had forgotten that.

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