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After spending the entire day yesterday laying around like a big lump I went to sleep and spent eight more hours doing the same thing.  I came awake this morning feeling somewhat better but still not quite back to what I consider normal.   More snow through the nite was just the cherry on top of this week. I’m afraid this winter has started badly with more than two and a half feet of snow before New Year’s Day.  I have the feeling we’ll be buried the entire winter.  Yeah for us!


In past years I joked about SNIRT season here in Maine. That’s a mixture of SNow and dIRT for all you non-Mainers.  It could be a record setting year if this photo is any indication.  If this weather pattern continues with a snow storm every two or three days things could get really interesting.  Just west of here in the White Mountains the ski resorts are already celebrating. They have close to a five foot base and expert much much more.  They could be skiing well into April and May if they’re lucky.  At least someone is reaping the benefits from all this damn snow.  Unfortunately I  haven’t figured a way to make money from this snow but I’m continuing to explore many possibilities.


The post-Christmas cleanup continues and will take a little longer than expected.  It’s hard to believe such a small group of people could create such devastation in just two days.  I almost had to use a snow shovel to clean the debris from the living room.  I actually lost my cat for a while when he burrowed into the pile and disappeared. 

I’ve just about finished my New Year’s resolutions and should be posting them in a day or so.  They would have been done sooner but I got caught up in my reading of Sherlock Holmes stories and put them on the back burner for a few more days.

More snow and ice expected tomorrow so hurry up and make your travel plans to come visit us here in Maine.  We have it all; SNOW, ICE STORMS,  SLEET, SLUSH and of course SNIRT. 



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