01-15-2014 Journal Entry–The January Thaw   2 comments

It’s time for a little update.  My life will seem utterly boring to some of you but I don”t really mind.  It’s actually boring to me at times as well.  Since the holidays have passed things have fallen back into what we consider normal.

The weather has turned warmer and that 38 inches of snow is mostly gone since we’ve had three or four days of steady rain.  It’s the normal January thaw and we actually look forward to it each year.  Yesterday I was quietly sitting in my favorite reading chair when I heard a loud crash that shook the entire house.  I first thought it was another small earthquake but decided to check outside the house for any other possible problems.  Silly me, another on of our January gifts had arrived.

Having three or four feet of snow buildup eventually places a serious load onto the structure of the house.  Once the weather warms up a little all of that ice and snow that’s been compacting on the roof for two months begins sliding off.  I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but we have a large house with an equally large roof.  The roof accumulated approximately 8 inches of ice and another 8 inches of partially melted snow.  When it let go  it shook the house and spilled off the rear of the building into the yard.  There is no doubt if that amount of ice and snow were to hit a person they would be dead almost immediately.

I walked out back and discovered that my spring chores would now include replacement of the handrails on the back stairs.  The ice and snow landed with a crunch and smashed the handrails into small splinters.  It sounds bad but almost every year the icefall crushes those rails or anything else in it’s path.  Thank God it’s down and no longer a danger to us or our visitors. It just another wonderful little gift from Mother Nature.

My broken leg situation has greatly improved.  I climbed back on the treadmill wearing both an ankle and knee brace three weeks ago and got back to work.  It took almost three weeks of daily workouts to get my injured leg back to normal size.  I needed to build quite a bit of muscle very quickly.  The knee is improving as well and it appears there was no permanent damage.  I’m almost back to the level on the treadmill that I had reached before the injury.

The weight loss program is back as well and I’ve reach a total loss of thirty pounds.  The leg injury really screwed up things for a while but I’m back on track finally.  Ten more pounds to go and then I can ease up a little.  I’m now wearing clothes I purchased many years ago that I never was able to wear at the time.  Life is good, so far . . . .

2 responses to “01-15-2014 Journal Entry–The January Thaw

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  1. Yikes, good thing the snow buildup falling off the roof happened when no one was outside. That’s so scary! Glad your leg’s getting better, and good job with the weight loss! Man, if only I was half as motivated to just lose 10lbs. =/

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