12-07-2014 Journal–Winter in Maine!   Leave a comment

The last few days have been fugly and for those of you that don’t know what that means I suggest you call someone.  Sleet, freezing rain, ice, snow, regular rain, high winds, and temperatures moving up and down the scale from 9 degrees to 40 degrees.  A little bit of everything you could possibly imagine and none of it you would ever ask for.

The ice storm early in the week was responsible not only for icy roads but for falling tree branches covered with ice and snow.  We had two small trees down in the back yard but nothing too terrible. Other folks weren’t as lucky with collapsed roofs, damaged vehicles, and damaged shrubbery.



We took a ride around the area earlier today and these photos pretty much explain how Maine feels in the winter.  This first shot is of what a prosperous farm looks like in Winter.


A very solemn sight to be sure. I prefer the corn to be green and growing and the machinery in operation.  The next photos were taken along the Saco river with the first looking north with the sun at my back and the second facing south with the sun in my eyes.



Regardless of the direction I’m looking that water is frigid, the cold wind was freezing my face, and I ran for my car when I was finished.  The parking area near the river was covered in ice and it was purely luck I didn’t fall on my ass like I usually do.  Through a bare spot in the ice I saw a reminder of Summer and of all the teenage kids who seem to congregate here.  I don’t know who Jake is but an artist he aint!


I look forward to seeing more graffiti in about five months. I sure hope it’s better than this stuff.

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