10/09/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   2 comments

A notorious harlot named Hearst

In the pleasures of men is well-versed;

Reads the sign at the head

Of her well-rumpled bed:

“The customer always comes first”.

2 responses to “10/09/2021 ***Limerick Alert***

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  1. Are some of these lyrical gems the product of your multi-talented lingual ability? (NPI) Just wondering ‘cause I lay awake in bed every night trying to come up with things to match your kinky sense of humor. Obviously still working on it but keep them coming.

    • Some are mine but most are from books I’ve picked up along the way. I probably have three or four thousand limericks to choose from. Sorry their keeping you up nights. LOL. By the way got clean blood work and scan. Still good to go.

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